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November 17, 2016 3 min read

Laura McGowan is the rad artist behind Electro Threads Prismatic Spirit Collection. You can probably tell, but her designs, images, and inspiration range from Hindu symbols to Native American earth images, with her most popular print being the go-to Meditating Rafiki print—because we’re all looking for a little inner peace in the midst of the chaos. Her work vibes with our mission because she loves to promote connectedness and the soul’s search for beauty and peace through her combined use of bright colors, meditation themes and earthy images in her prints.

Laura says, “Painting is my meditation; I find that it brings a release of time, social constraints, negativity… and brings me to my own world of color and peace.”

EDM Hoodie Meditating Rafiki Hoodie

The Power of Laura’s Art

Her images and art reflect a belief in the power of meditation, creativity, and color for others to experience, too. This totally jells with the Electro Threads’ vibes of the healing power of creativity and positivity. Some of her main squeeze art inspirations are Salvador Dali, Alex Grey, Phil Lewis, and Ai Wei Wei.

“I was an artistic child, but was driven away from art to focus on education. Moving to Colorado has had a huge impact on releasing my creative side. It was not until graduating CU in 2012 that I truly re-found control of my own time and finally shifted from color pencil doodles to paints and a canvas. I usually work with acrylic paint and just learn as I go, using brushes, hands, toothbrushes, kitchen ware, etc. I love live painting and sharing the experience with others… you name it and I'll paint it.”

It's awesome how Laura’s mission for creating her art is to find peace through that creative experience, because that’s what we believe art is meant to be for people. Laura McGowan’s story is like so many others, because we all get pushed and driven to synch up with the structures of the world around us—but you can find so much freedom by breaking free of it. Art helps us release our inner longings and helps us fulfill our becoming the people we truly wish to be.

EDM Ganesha Beach Towel

Art and Freedom

Laura’s view of art is something we share with her, which is why we love having her on our team. Art is a method through the madness, a place to find a center and a release, a healing and a therapy. Art helps us see ourselves and others around us more clearly, allows us to see how connected and universal we all are. Art helps us abandon our walls and our laws to overflow with healing, calm and compassion for all the different colors and expressions of life we see around us every day. We love how Laura McGowan’s art, and the rest of our team’s artists, express this so beautifully.

Laura’s a growing artist in every direction and loves working up new clothing designs for some pretty sick tights and a gorgeous tiger hoodie. Laura had the proud moment of getting to showcase her art in a gallery in July at the SHPONGLE & Beats Antique Show in Colorado, an event hosted at Red Rocks that involved art displays, live music, and all the best crowds. Laura was thrilled beyond words to discover so many people at this Red Rocks event who were wearing art that she had designed—most of it from us, of course! That’s such an amazing, moving feeling for any artist.

Electro Threads EDM Eeyore Crew

Our Support for Artists

We’re proud to say that a portion of every product sale is given to our sponsored artists in order that they may continue doing what they’re truly passionate about. A fed artist is a happy artist, and we believe in the importance of supporting your local artists and art culture, and how it feeds life into every community.

Electro Threads is always looking for new artists who share our passion for positivity and a love of good vibes to join our team and help us continue to spread peace and love through authentic art. If you or someone you know is the kind of artist that might vibe well with us, check out our submissions page and let us take a look at your sweet skills for ourselves:

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