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Of course! We ask that all changes/cancellations are requested within 24 hours from your order time. If it is passed 24 hours we are not able to cancel your order.

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We handcraft almost everything on our website right here the USA. We attempt to get your order shipped within 3-18 business days. We have to ensure that our products blow your mind and appreciate your patience as we perfect your Electro Threads.

We are happy to handcraft and ship all orders from the United States. We have Electro Factories in Utah and California.

The shipping method you choose at checkout applies after our crafting period of 3-18 business days. Rest assured we are just as excited to get your new threads to you as you are to recieve them.

Please check with anyone that has access to your mailbox along with neighbors to ensure they did not receive it by accident. Some times they will mark the package as delivered and it will show up the next day. This is rare, but it does happen and we are not sure why they do this. If you do not find it or receive it, please contact your local post and file a claim. 


Please machine wash gentle with cold water and let air dry to keep them in the best possible condition.

Yes and we are proud to say so!