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Amazing quality

Buy these pants!!
Oh my God. So soft unlike any thing out there. Find your own style and light the way for others!!

Tiny rip

Pants are amazing but there is a tiny rip in the left pocket by the seam. I sent in photos... but the company refuses to deal.with it. The Pants cost close to 80 dollars CA after shipping, I won't be ordering ordering again

Crushed Velvet Verison

When I first got this it sat in my closet for awhile because I didn’t know how I felt about it. Once I wore it I instantly fell in love. So many compliments!


I have gotten nothing but compliments on this.
Electro threads always impresses

Most dope mask of 2020/1

Not only is this mask one of the absolute coolest designs ive seen, especially for a face mask. (Most masks ive seen this entire pandemic have been so generic/basic or nowhere near as good quality of artwork as ElectroThreads). I wore this mask daily at my retail job and not only was it super easy to breathe through but also fit my face so nicely and comfortably! Cant stress enough that this has been my most used and favorite face covering throughout the entire pandemic!


Love my new jacket so much and I get so many compliments on it I got it in the crushed velvet 💛


Big. Soft. Comfy. Warm. What more is there to say?
The Brizland design is bright, psychedelic and just so fun. Huge Brizbazaar fan, and this was an amazing addition to the collection.

Great shorts!

Love these, comfortable, bright colors and will be buying more products from Electro Threads

Husband loves it

This is now my husbands favorite outfit. He wore it to Monxx show and we met Monxx himself. He wears it out every where. I might have to but him the other color.

It's perfect!

It's soft and warm and exactly what I wanted! I custom ordered mine and it took exactly how long they'd expected, I've already recommended it to my friends! Excellent quality overall and the cosmic fur is delightful!


I was nervous to purchase this because bodysuits don’t often come in “tall” sizes or account for variances in torso length
I’m 5’10 150lbs, 34D and about a dress size 6, so i bought a large

sadly the torso is a bit tight and stretched to the max when i wear it, but the material is very breathable and the colors and patters is really nice.

hopefully it doesn’t look too weird when i wear it lol I bought the matching shorts (sold separately) for this reason!

crop hoodie

cute design, interesting fit..
I’m 5’10 150 34D with wide shoulders, so I ordered a large.
the bottom of the crop top is very loose and wide with no elastic so it just kinda fans out weirdly.
the sleeves fit like ¾ sleeves, which doesn’t bother me.
the shoulders fit just right, so I’m glad I got a large, and the hoodie is my favorite part! big, soft and comfy!
Not sure Id order another one though, the loose mid section is just a bit too loose

Love it, thanks

Electro threads is one of the few places I shop online, I'm in a small city in Australia and had a hard time finding clothes that really felt like they fit my personality but you guys have what I was looking for, since I have discovered electro threads I have decked out most of my wardrobe with your stuff including one of your dream cloaks which is now one im my favourite things that i own and wearing it around has gotten a few other people I know to order theirs as well and they love them too

Fun way to decorate

That’s a cool new way to decorate the room. Didn’t have a chance to put it on the door just yet but I hung it in front of it as a curtain and love to look at it every day.

Comforting & Warm…Move Over Womb

Due to the enveloping comfort & safety this shroud provides, there’s no need for mothers any longer. Just pop a placenta into the protective silky Sherpa-lined bliss, toss in some Wheat Thins and a Gatorade every couple of months and voila! A new race of Ür-Humanoids fit for global dominance drawing strength from the memories of a hooded blanket paradise and drawing the drive to decimate homo sapien from the lack of maternal memories


I absolutely am obsessed with the two cloaks that I ordered. The quality is amazing and the customer service was awesome! I ordered a large and realized I needed a medium and I contacted them and they changed it for me.

mandala dress

very bright, colorful and comfy! I’m 5’10 150 and I ordered a Large.
The sleeves are surprisingly long enough to cover my wrists and the dress has a loose fit with a snug bottom around the thighs, but it is still a bit short lol (or I’m just tall)
The hood is huge and the material is solid yet stretchy


Always go with the Sherpa.
It's so much nicer.

Better in person

Great quality.
Awesome colors.
Worth every penny.

Precipice Unisex Crew
Nathaniel J.
Game changer

This shirt in crushed paired with the right outfit is crazy. I hope never to see someone in my area wearing this shirt. This is a must buy if you are on the fence about a purchase. You will become an attraction. Trust me.

Aurowla Face Mask
Anthony T.
AurOwla!!! True vision!

Nothing wrong with adding a few eyes of color to your face!
This BEAUTY rocks!

This shirt. Is. EVERYTHING!!!
BRIZ.. The magic you create is never ending!!

Juicy Lips Face Mask
Anthony T.
Gimme those Lips!

💪🏼💪🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 DOPE expression! Gimme my Lips!

Fire & Ice Face Mask
Anthony T.
Ice & Fire. Fire & Ice, baby!

..for a dichotomous, VIBIN' and versatile spirit! 💪🏼😍🤘🏼

You gotta be Jelly baby!

These are a MUST! Fun compliments all around.. These shorts have someunique bright purple colors that are pretty show-stopping!
I prefer these trunks netless. They're friggin sooo light weight & so Great for it!