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Scandy Girl

Jonna Hyttinen, a.k.a Scandygirl, was born in a small city called Haapajärvi in Finland.

She now lives in Lapland surrounded by its beautiful nature. She likes to go out for a hike and just adore nature. Nature and animals are a big part of her art and have always been.

Jonna has drawn and painted her whole life. For long it was just a hobby and for years she might have not painted or done nothing at all. Until 2014 came and she found her love for art again and started taking it more seriously. She started her Instagram and quickly started to grow more and more. Also, she improved quite fast with her art, since all she did was paint all day long. Art has been her main and only income now for 1.5 years. Now her art is located all over the world!
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