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November 08, 2016 3 min read

When many people think of festivals, they often have a mental picture of loud music and outdoor fun while enjoying some fantastic weather. But when you do head out to a festival, the weather is often a wild card. You might be able to predict the weather in the case of a beach festival, but if you're not going to be on the sand, it's a good idea to prepare yourself for any kind of weather. Here are a few tips to keep you comfortable in any kind of weather and make sure that your festival gear is looking outstanding at the same time.

Think Light

Just because you're preparing your festival gear to make sure that you're not going to freeze doesn't mean that you need to overdo it with your layers. If your clothing gets too heavy, you're going to feel fatigued from moving because of the increased weight, and you're going to feel very uncomfortable if the weather does prove to be nice. A great way to keep yourself comfortable is to keep your clothing as light as possible. A light jacket or sweater that matches up with your outfit is a great idea, as you can use multiple colors to really tie your outfit together while still keeping yourself comfortable in any kind of weather.

You'll also want to think about bringing a light scarf that ties in with your outfit. A scarf has a lot of uses at a festival, as it doubles as an addition to your hairstyle when you're not using it to keep yourself warm or to accessorize your outfit. If you're trying to keep yourself comfortable while looking good, a scarf is a really great tool to help you make your outfit as creative as possible.


Prepare for Rain

Rain is always a possibility at a festival, and if it occurs while you're out enjoying the music, you'll want to be ready. The best way to make sure you're as ready as possible is to make sure you've got something to keep yourself dry if the skies do open up. A hoodie is a great way to keep yourself dry while still keeping your outfit fashionable. A good hoodie can display a really creative design with some bright, beautiful colors that will go with just about anything. With a design from Electro Threads, you can show off a great design with a comfortable sweater that keeps you feeling great and looking great.

Electro Threads Festival Wear

Sometimes, a hoodie isn't enough to keep you dry in the case of heavy precipitation. In those cases, you need to have a rain coat available. A good coat will be easy to carry around or wear without feeling too bulky. It will also provide ample protection from the rain and fit easily over everything else that you're already wearing. In an ideal situation, you'll feel just as comfortable in your rain coat as you do in your normal festival clothes, making the layers work out perfectly while keeping you dry.

Another part of preparing for rain includes bringing a pair of boots or shoes that you don't mind messing up. With all the walking you're going to be doing, you're going to need to have some good shoes no matter what, but that need only intensifies after a storm because of the marsh-like conditions that the rain can create. If you're walking through mud to get to where your favorite band will be playing, you're going to be ruining your shoes in a hurry. You might also be dealing with some sore and blistered feet afterward, because walking a lot in wet conditions is a great way to create friction on your feet and lead to problems. Layering your festival gear extends to your socks and shoes as well, and just because they're not as noticeable doesn't mean they're any less important.

Easy to Remove

With weather being unpredictable, your festival gear should always be easy to remove in case things start to get uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to find yourself sweating on a beautiful day because your outfit is too bulky or too cumbersome to remove. Layering up is a great idea when the weather could turn chilly, or even bring a nice blanket, but you also want to be able to enjoy the really nice weather if and when it arrives. If you've got layers that are lightweight, stylish, and easy to remove, your festival gear will look great and feel great no matter what the weather throws at you!

Electro Threads Festival Layering up

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