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Our Story

The story behind ELECTRO THREADS

In 2010, my girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer and inevitably lost all her hair due to chemo. Touched by her determination to still live life to the fullest, my friends and I decided to grow out our hair for Locks of Love. Long Hair Dont Care quickly spread as our slogan and calling card. Today, the brand may seem like simply a fun way of life, well… It is. We see it as something much more than that. A calling to inspire people to live each day like it is their last. It's not about having long hair, it's about loving everybody. Long hair. Short hair. No hair. Who cares, just give 'em all you got!

In order to share the message with the rest of our friends, we had some bracelets made that said “Long Hair Dont Care” along with a few shirts that displayed the same thing. To our surprise, the message and the shirts resonated with a lot of other people, too. Before too long we were producing a whole bunch of clothing products, and having a blast doing it. Our little message of life and love was spreading much farther than we ever imagined.

When I discovered the electronic music scene after going to burning man and serval V2 shows here in Utah, I realized that the same vibes, unconditional love, acceptance, self love, expression and positive energy.

The whole energy of electronic music is so empowering. The vibe, unconditional love, no body cares how much money you make, what kind of job you have, where you come from, what you wear. You get to be you without judgment and I think that is such a beautiful thing. It's pretty much means the most “you” you can be, the more authentic you are the more people notice and praise you. When you go to a festival everyone is there to love, create, have fun, share experiences, make memories that will last a life time. Everyone should experience it. Whenever I wear one of our products I can’t help but notice my thoughts change from worrying about insecurities in my head to simply being uplifted. You are going to show up to the world differently. You are making a positive statement that people can’t ignore, and usually you will get lots of compliments! It might be because the art is really cool but I also think it can be because people admire you for standing out. People can get out of a rut and have new experiences just by changing what they wear! It's a subconscious reset.

“Electro” the coolest word ever, in my opinion... it's just a dope high energy word. As soon as we paired Electro and Threads I didn’t look back. The meaning of ElectroThreads has evolved, it means the same thing but it's growing.

Power to the person

Empower yourself by dressing outside your comfort zone.

If you want change to happen its up to you! Not anyone else. Get creative, get uncomfortable and take committed actions to improve yourself towards your vision everyday.


We’ve now found other believers all over the world, and we’re just getting started.


That's kind of a long way of saying that we stand for empowering the individual. We believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, and we'd like to help inspire you to do that. This is more than a clothing line, it's a community. It’s a movement. And like any movement, the foundation is simply a shared belief. For us, that belief is in each of us: Power to the Person.


Kasey Murdock