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November 24, 2016 3 min read

Meet Emily

What an honor it is to have artist Emily Deechaleune on our team. Once you check out her Electro Threads Positive Vibes Collection, you’ll see why we love her so much. Emily’s prints exude a message of peace, love, and positivity. Her work embraces and combines watercolor and soft, bright color strokes with black-on-white pinpoint details and precision. Her Find Balance shirt is the epitome of her two design styles colliding—and the image invokes the struggle for balance within the artist that we can all universally identify with.

Also, several of her designs are spherical—they demonstrate a cycle, a circle of unity and connectedness we have to the universe, that each mood and feeling has with the next, and that each phase of life has with the other. This inspiration is from the mandala image, which is a symbol that points to the universe within and aids in meditation. If you have the eye to see it, all of Emily’s work is etched with symbols and figures of meditation, Eastern thought and spiritual unity. Emily pairs these beautiful images with encouraging words and messages of love, sometimes just getting more playful with her art, and we can’t help but love all the different sides of her work.

Electro Threads EDM Vibe with Me Crew

Her Own Words

On her website, she shares a killer Kurt Vonnegut quote with her fans: “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” We believe in and support this soul-searching journey. It’s awesome to get to see and share expressions of Emily’s journey through her artwork, and to know that she shares the Electro Threads vision of a journey of the soul in pursuit of life and freedom.

I consider life as an art form. I express my thoughts and feelings through drawing and painting vibrant, intricate, yet simple and delicate designs that inspire and motivate people to find their inner peace, passion, and dreams. Mainly use watercolor pans and micron pens but I'm always open to explore new mediums.”

EDM Premium Find Balance Girls Tank

Social Media Queen

This 22-year-old lefty is killing it on social media (@heyemilydee), where she promotes her artwork and products, and already has over thirty thousand followers! Once you take a look at her art and her message, you won’t be surprised. Emily is a visual artist from Boston, MA, and she believes that you should “always do what you love.” She loves boarding, the beach, adventuring on her portable folding bike and staying connected with fans of her work. She is currently living the dream with us in sunny California.

Black Edition Positive Vibrations Crew

Styles and Art Media

In her work, she uses everything from pencil and paper to watercolor and charcoal in her print-and-canvas designs that she sells on her own website ( Her prints are more widely varied on her site, so check them out to just explore some fresh expressions of her work, and maybe even order a print! Emily also sells some hip stickers for decaling your computer or board on her site, which we love and we know you will too.

Emily Deechaleune also specializes in selling temporary, high quality and intricately designed temporary tattoos through one of her affiliates. Her tattoo designs are much like her detail work on her design prints with Electro Threads: elegant, breathtakingly detailed. They further promote her vision of positivity, unity, and connectedness. Pure Tatts is all about giving a percentage of their proceeds towards different noble charities, which we can’t help but vibe with too.

We Support Local Artists

We are proud to say that a portion of every sale is given to our sponsored artists in order that they may continue doing what they’re truly passionate about. A fed artist is a happy artist, and we believe in the importance of supporting your local artists and art culture, and how it feeds life into every community. It’s a wonderful thing to have someone as talented and in-synch as Emily be a part of our community.

Actually, Electro Threads is always looking for new artists to join our totally awesome team! So if you or someone you know would be a stellar artist with a good fit with our style and message, feel free to go to and send us some of your work. We love hearing from new artists and getting connected.

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