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July 16, 2018 2 min read

Women have a history pretty much as long as the history of wearing dresses. As time has progressed, dresses have evolved in some serious ways.

They have gotten shorter. They have become more colorful. And, they have definitely become more form fitting.

The newest in vogue dresses for summer are the midi dresses. These dresses promise versatility from the office to a night out and everywhere you go.

For some summer fun, scroll down and learn about five ways to rock the midi dress this season.

1. Midi Dresses and Basic Cotton T-Shirt

Whether you are going out to the bar or heading out to a music festival, the midi dress with a cotton t-shirt is a perfect summer look.

This outfit looks stylish. But more than that, it is going to keep you cool in the hot weather.

2. Do Not be Afraid to Accessorize

Lots of flattering midi dresses do not need much more clothing added to them to look like a complete outfit. But even in the warmth of summer: you should not be afraid of adding more of your style with accessories you choose.

The perfect earrings, necklace, or bag can add the right amount of flair to any outfit.

You should also try a belt. Even midi dresses for petites can add a dramatic waistline something to cinch the waist.

3. Focusing on Your Feet

Summer dresses should be comfortable. Flowing midi dresses allow you to have both style and stay cool in the hot sun.

These dresses are often cut at a specific length. In turn, a lot of the focus of the eye goes to the person's shoes.

So, if you have a pair of strappy sandals that you want everyone to see, this is the perfect hemline.

4. Layer it up!

You may want to wear a midi dress to work. This is acceptable (both in the fashion world and the business one).

One of the best ways to wear a midi to the office is with many layers. Usually, the summer heat makes for a freezing cold office.

Having layers on will give your body nice lines. And doing it should flatter your shape. Do not be afraid to wear a little jacket or vest along with your midi.

5. Printed Midi Skirt and Basic Tank Top/Basic Midi Skirt and Printed Tank Top

Sometimes it is not the pattern itself that draws attention to the body. Sometimes it is the lack thereof. A simple skin-baring top can help make your body look longer and thinner.

Or perchance you want people to pay attention to your top half and not your bottom one. Use the patterns in the places you want people to focus on.

Patterns and colors are your friends. Use them to accent the parts of your body that you want people's eyes to look at.

Midi Dresses for Every Occasion

Midi dresses are chic for a reason.

They are so versatile. You can wear them regardless of your shape and size. They look good on everyone.

Make sure to go out and get one. Also, make it your own!

Questions and comments about summer fashion? Please feel free to contact us!

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