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June 18, 2018 2 min read

It's festival season already, and there are plenty of music festivals from which to choose.

If you're wondering what to put on a festival camping checklist, look no further. Keep reading if you're new to the festival scene and are looking for this seasons must-haves.

Festival Camping Checklist

There are several types of music festivals, but this list will get you ready for whichever one you attend.

Tents and Air Mattresses

So, you're prepared to spend a few nights celebrating life with your friends.

Sleeping under the stars seems romantic now. But you might change your mind in the event of inclement weather. Having safety tents is a plus.

Also, invest in a tent that will hold several people. It's a great way to keep everyone together during the festivities. You could even add an air mattress to make it even more comfortable.

Sleeping Bag

Along with a tent, sleeping bags are another great buy.

When you sleep outside, the temperature can drop in the early mornings. You don't want to be unprepared and stuck without adequate warmth.

A Cooler for Food and Beverages

You don't want to be at a festival campsite without a cooler full of cold beverages.

There are plenty of affordable coolers that will keep your items cold for a long time. Be sure to get a large one to hold enough things to last you the whole time you're there.

Portable Phone Charger

Music festivals see an average of 32 million people every year.

With those many people attending, getting lost in the crowd will be even easier to do. Not to mention it's sure to be one of the most fun experiences you can think of having.

You'll want to be sure and have plenty of phone battery, so you don't lose your group. Another reason to keep the battery charged is to capture memories.

Battery Powered Lantern

Of course, bonfires are the best when it comes to festival ambiance.

But adding a battery operated lantern to your music festival packing list couldn't be a bad idea. You never know when you'll need a light in the middle of the night. Or, you might not be able to get a bonfire lit.

What to Wear for Music Festivals

Shopping for awesome festival clothing is essential to matching the vibe around you.

But more than style, you'll need to think about comfort.

Buying ponchos in case of rain can never be a bad move. Also, hoodies are a great way to stay warm in case the weather turns colder than expected.

Think about getting yourself some comfortable footwear if you plan to do a lot of walking. These flip-flops are not only comfortable, but they're also cute.

Festival Gear

Music festivals are full of unique, fun-loving people. Having a festival camping checklist sets you up to enjoy the party without worrying. You'll be glad you made a list.

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