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August 02, 2018 2 min read

Everything is a million times better when you do it in a onesie. In fact, the only thing better than doing something in a onesie is doing it in a colorful, stylish onesie.

Of course, a onesie must fit the occasion. So if you're looking to revamp your summer festival wardrobe, there's only one way to go: trippy.

Fortunately for you, we're the masters of manufacturing trippy onesies. Take the following seven, colorful onesies for example.

1. Pink Mandala Adult Onesie

The Pink Mandala Adult Onesie will have you looking pretty in pink this festival season. Its slim fit and vibrant color make it a great choice for anyone who's looking to stand out in the crowd.

But if the slim fit isn't your preference?

No problem. You can just order a larger size to get the roomy, airy look you're going for.

2. Green Slasher Adult Onesie

If you're into stripes, we recommend our Green Slasher Adult Onesie. It's a stripy, psychedelic blend of greens, blues, and white that's sure to draw attention.

Like some of our other hoodies, the Green Slasher has a slim fit. That said, be prepared to order a larger size to achieve a baggier look.

Especially you, fellas.

3. Pineapple Daze Adult Onesie

This Pinapple Daze Adult Onesie epitomizes trippy onesies. Its oranges, yellows, bright pinks are pleasantly disorienting.

But its beautiful shades of blue provide some respite from its trippiness.

And the best part about this onesie?

The art is hand-drawn by the amazingly talented artist Brandi Young. Choosing the Pineapple Daze onesie is a show of support for this creative designer!

4. Meditating Rafiki Adult Onesie

Rafiki may be an abomination against nature, but you can still channel your inner shaman with the Meditating Rafiki Adult Onesie.

Ethereal and otherworldly, this item makes viewers feel as if they're floating through balls of gas burning billions of miles away.

Or looking at the great kings of the past. Whichever one works for you.

5. Connect Adult Onesie

Our Connect Adult Onesie puts another one of Brandi Young's designs on display. Like her Pineapple Daze design, this item's pattern exhibits an alluring use of color.

Geometric and floral, it fully embraces both yin and yang, day and night. As a result, this onesie style might just be ideal for the trippy hippie within you.

6. Galaxy Adult Onesie

The Galaxy Adult Onesie is absolutely nebulous. But in the best way possible.

Its trippiness is the result of its abstract imagery. The design gives the impression of galaxies colliding and merging. It creates order out of pure chaos by blurring the lines between separate bodies.

7. Pastel Pineapple Adult Onesie

Have an extra dose of vitamin C with this Pastel Pineapple Adult Onesie. You'll never again worry about suddenly developing scurvy in the middle of a summer festival.

Its vibrant blue backdrop and almost iridescent pineapples combine to create eye-popping contrast. Mix and match it with darker shades to create even more contrast.

Looking for More Trippy Onesies This Season?

If these trippy onesies weren't trippy enough for you, don't worry. Some even trippier getups await you.

And they're only a click away. Check out the other onesies in our online shop!

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