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Galactic Rose Dream Cloak

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The inside of our Dream Cloak is crafted with your choice of either Ultra-Soft Plush Sherpa or our Cosmic Faux Fur. The outside is crafted with Micro-Mink Polyester that allows us to print high definition art with intense vivid colors. Dream Cloaks feature two deep side pockets to hold all your stuff securely and Button Closures on the front. Our Dream Cloaks are completely made by hand in our Electro Factory in Utah.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Deep side pockets
  • Warm, ultra-soft micro sherpa lining
  • 2 buttons for closure
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Perfect for festivals, camping, shows, hiking or anything your adventure calls for!
  • Ultra Premium Fabrics and Craftsmanship
  • Handcrafted with love in the USA

Made By Hand

This item is Made to Order. It is hand-cut and sewn in the USA, specifically for each order. The crafting process begins the moment your order is placed. The crafting period for this item is typically 1 to 4 weeks depending on surges in demand. We Love you! Thank you!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Sarah S.
      Not the quality they advertise.

      Received my cloak and the button holes were too big for the buttons and not sewn nicely at all. Within a couple of days the build in bag began to sag past the hemline, and looks tacky. Ive washed it once, cold water, gentle, and let it air dry, per care instructions. But the elastic in the bag hem shrunk along with the thread there and is starting to unravel, show lose threads. Ive owned it less than two months! Its uncomfortable to sit on, with the giant cord they use in the bag, that hangs down past the cloak hem. The bag is too big and sags way past the hem line of the cloak and well, adding to the tackiness. I emailed them. Originally I was asking if this was normal, and if there were any quick fixes at home I could do. They said it was normal apparently, and said I could use safety pins to fix it. Safety pins. On a $200 plus custom made cloak?? At the time I was super busy and just said thank you and let it go. But its been a couple of weeks and the bag sagging has gotten so much worse. Its embarrassing to wear it outside of home. Ive emailed them again, included photos, and am hoping to send the cloak back to have the bag removed/ or to get a refund. But again, I am incredibly disappointed. The cloak itself it so beautiful and soft, and I love wearing it, but the bag makes it so stressful and not fun. The button holes being too large is a simple mistake that should have been caught in QC but was not. I still recommend them, but just be aware that the cloaks with bags apparently sag over time (3 weeks being that time) and this is considered acceptable by the company.

      Danika P.
      Living In It!

      I am in love with the colors and design. It's so comfortable, super warm. I practically live in it when I'm at home

      Legit a beautiful walking blanket

      I got a medium, I'm 4'11 & 130lbs fits amazing. Only thing I'll say is that the buttons aren't as sturdy because it'll unbutton any movement I make which is a tad annoying when I want it buttoned lol otherwise the cosmic fur is super soft & got more than a handful of compliments! I feel so unique when I wear it. VERY WARM!!!! I wore it in 30 degree weather and kept me snuggled up. I've worn it to sleep a few times too hahaha also pockets are nice and deep, hoodie is warm, & overall, one of my greatest investments. So happy I got it. I didn't purchase it with the inside bag either.


      I love the cloak! It’s warm, the pockets are perfect, the print came out beautiful. Could not be happier.

      Everyone Envies My Dream Cloak

      I LOVE this thing! I've been using it for camping and a festival. I get so cold in the evenings when outdoors, and it's tough for me to warm up, but this has fixed that. It's been great for staying warm while walking around at night or just sitting around camp in the chilly evenings. It's like wearing a blanket, and is so soft and cozy. This print is really cool too! It's spacey and geometric/mandala/flowery, and the high contrast in the print stands out at night. They made sure to center the print all over the cloak, so that central features of the print are centered on the back, arms, etc. Everyone envies my dream cloak! I even fell asleep in it at a fest, when I was so tired I just crashed back at camp.