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April 01, 2019 3 min read

Do you need a reminder to slow down, to remember that we're human beings, not human doings? 

There are symbols and sacred stones that can do that, every time you look at them. We try to only sell jewelry that fulfills that need. 

You could call it hippie jewelry, but there's no such thing, really. All jewelry just is - and you can assign meaning to it or not. 

Some jewelry, though, has meaning built in - like a friendship bracelet. Or it was born with meaning, from the deep caverns of the earth (like crystals). 

Want some inspiration for jewelry with a deeper meaning? Here are our top three choices.

Friendship Bracelets 

We can't think of anything more hippie than weaving friendship bracelets for your friends. But it's not really cute to wear badly braided bracelets in fading colors as an adult. You can still wear friendship bracelets, but do it in a more grown-up way. 

How? Bracelets that you can actually take off, for one. Part of the problems with this camp brackets is that they didn't come on or off. That means those fibers soaked in whatever you did - the pool, the lake, and any other things that get your hands dirty. 

Instead of all that, may we suggest this option? It has a cute metal heart detail to show how much you love your dear friend. Half of the bracelet is pink and half is blue, which has nothing to do with gender. We just liked how they looked together!

Best of all, it has a clasp so you can take it on and off as you please.

Gemstone Pendants

The Earth is a source of power and magic, but you already knew that - you're a hippie! The Earth gives us reminders of her beauty everywhere. One of those reminders is really easy to put on jewelry - crystals. 

Not only are crystals beautiful, but they have power. Each color and type of Crystal can lend strength to a different part of your life. That's true when it comes to wearing quartz especially. 

Rose quartz is pink and lends itself strength and power to your love life - or general matters of the heart.

Amethyst, which is purple, guards against negative energies. If you have people around you that practically sweat bad vibes, keeping this stone around your neck can help. 

Finally, jet black onyx is for the person trying to move on from something negative. Onyx helps you let go of bad relationships, habits, and emotional attachments. 

Tree and Seed of Life Jewelry 

Do you know about the sacred nature of circles? They represent the neverending bond between us and each other, even us and the earth. There's a reason it's the circle and not the square of life, if you will. 

Seven interlocking circles together is called the seed of life. It's worn to remind us of the humans we were born to be - not the ones we've become. 

Tree of life jewelry means the same thing, but it's the seed grown up. A tree is bold, full of life, and full of power. It brings the wearer some of those characteristics. 

Hippie Jewelry 

Too many people think they have to buy some precious stone when it comes to jewelry. That's not true when it comes to hippie jewelry. Precious stones aren't responsibly sourced anyways. 

Which of these pieces could you see yourself wearing? See our whole collection here.

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