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March 27, 2019 2 min read

Ah, the '60s. Woodstock rocked the music scene and Twiggy defined the style of the generation. In everyone's living room was a black and white TV that later in the decade would change to color.

The color orange was also likely worked into the room in some way. If you nailed down the zany yet minimalist style, then you were in full '60s form. 

Throw Back: How to Achieve '60s Living Room Style

When you're going for '60s style, it's all about groovy, fun-loving vibes. Here's how to step it up and throw it back.

Floor It

When you're trying to cue a retro style, you don't have to hold back on any accessories. Go accent crazy and mix up bold lamps, tiling, or tabletop decorations.

When it comes to your floor, you can go wild with big fuzzy throw rugs of any color. Fun patterns on your rug if you're not feeling the fuzzy vibe? Go for it.

Throw Back to Throw Pillows

There's no shortage of throw pillows on the minimalistic, flat-style couches that reigned in the 60s period. 

Line up colorful throw pillows on your couches or your chairs, and bring in the color into your room like you never have before. Try matching accents in the pillows with the colors of your rug, carpet, or other style elements in the room.

Light it Up

Floor lamps are a perfect way to dress up your living room and make it look straight from the 60s. 

If you can find one in your local antique store, a chandelier style light will bring the style up a notch. Tasseled shades? Also a perfect element to bring into your home.

Creating a retro style is all about mixing and matching texture, shape, and color and whirling it all together into a fun, eclectic mix. The secret is not to be intimidated by all the color, but to run with it. Decorating with 60s style is supposed to be fun, so have fun doing it.

Bringing it all Together

In the 60s, the overall look was a blend between open and clean space and eclectic decorations.

Bright colors and flower patterns will really call out your retro vibe. 

To start your search for items to put in your home, antique stores and thrift stores might have pieces that you won't be able to find in modern stores. You can find real pieces from the era you're looking for and give your home an authentic look.

Not Just for the Living Room

When your living room is done, move on to your wardrobe. You won't want to confine the style just to your home, so might as well bring it along with you.

When you dress in Electro Threads, you're getting patterns that no one else out there has. The electric and uber colorful patterns are sure to earn you more compliments than you can handle. Dress yourself to the nines and just wait for the style compliments to come rolling in.

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