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April 06, 2019 3 min read

Did you know the mini skirt was introduced in the 1960s? While it might not be your first choice for your child's wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to incorporate some retro style into their wardrobe. 

Read on to learn more about family-friendly ways to bring back the 60's. 

Take a Trip to the Thrift Store

One mans trash is another man's treasure! The best way to take a trip to the past is to bring a little bit of the past into your closet. Check out local thrift shops for 60's style donations. 

Get Into Crafting

Some of the most iconic 60's details can be made right in your own home. Sew tassels onto shirts, make custom patches for jackets and vests and make your own headbands for those long locked kiddos. 

Go a Few Sizes Up

When looking back at 60's style you'll find that very few clothing items were tight fitted. It was all about comfort and movement within your clothes, so aim for a size or two larger than your child's usual size. 

Aim for Soft Colors

Pastels, pinks, and light blues. Remember, "hippies" were pacifists and their color choice was just as gentle and loving as their lifestyle, so try to choose from the lighter side of the color wheel. 

Use Bold Patterns

While their colors were soft their patterns were loud. This is where you can get fun with floral patterns and geometric shapes. You can even get the kids involved in making their own tye dye shirts. 

Long and Flowy

Skirts and blouses always extended past the knees and elbows in this iconic fashion period. Try to incorporate some flowing gypsy skirts for a truly authentic look

Choose Vests

A quick and easy way to incorporate 60's style into the mix is by simply throwing in a vest. Whether you choose denim or cowhide, the vest is a great compliment, especially if you add on some of those patches you made. 

Give Jeans Some Character

If your kid is the type that is constantly tearing or ripping their jeans, they may be a hippie at heart. The 60's was the start of the ripped jeans movement, and this look can easily be created at home!

Love the Flair

Another important part of the jeans? Those big, loose, bell bottom flairs. Choose jeans that imitate that old school shape while giving your kids room to move around. 

Sandals Instead of Sneakers

Unless your kid is the very athletic type, try trading out sneakers and shoes for sandals and flip flops. Remember, the free-spirited time of the 60's called for kicking those sandals off and walking barefoot as often as possible. 


When choosing sunglasses to complete the 60's look go for those rounded "Lennon" inspired frames with vibrant colored frames like yellow, pink or blue. Your kid will no doubt enjoy seeing the world through a different color. 

Flower Child

Another way to help your child get into the look is by having them pick flowers that you can tuck into their hair. Flower children were the cornerstone of the 60's and beautifully twisted braids were often adorned with dainty flowers.  

Enjoy Face Paint

What kid doesn't love face paint? Fortunately, so did the hippies. While makeup wasn't a big thing, decorating faces with hearts, flowers, and peace symbols were a must for any music festival or special event. 

Retro Style for the Whole Family 

No matter what generation you're into, there's something classically cool about retro style the whole family can enjoy. But the retro look doesn't have to end there.

We invite you to check out our blog on How to Hang a Tapestry to add a little hint of the '60s to your home. 

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