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July 17, 2017 3 min read

There's nothing like a rave festival. The atmosphere is full of people like you who have a passion for EDM music and having a great time together.

It's also really popular in the United States. In 2014, more than a quarter of the nightlife events in the United States were related to EDM.

But to have the best time, you need to make sure you go prepared. Read on to learn the EDM rave clothing and accessories you need for the next festival!


Whether you are inside or outside for an EDM show, you should drink lots of water.

Dehydration at one of these shows can ruin your day and put your health at risk. These risks include severe headaches, fatigue, fainting and in the most extreme cases, death.

Bring a lot of water bottles or a Camelback so that you can be sure you are drinking enough water. After all, you don't want to miss out on a show because of a severe headache or worse.

It's better to be safe than sorry — bring water and drink lots of it!

Waterproof Phone Case

Speaking of water, a little rain can make things fun, but not if it ruins your phone!

Most EDM festivals are rain or shine events, meaning the show goes on absent extreme circumstances. When it is raining, putting your phone in your pocket and hoping for the best is not going to cut it.

With an iPhone 7 32GB retailing new for $649, soaking your phone is a quick way to turn a fun EDM festival into an expensive investment in a new phone.

To be best prepared to have a good time, you should be sure to bring a waterproof phone case for your cell phone.

LED Lights

One of the unique aspects of EDM festivals, besides the people you meet and the music, are the LED lights.

This can be the lights on your rave clothing or worn around your neck, arms or legs as you walk around the show. Pick-up a bracelet or some LED shoes as a popular way to light up the night. It's also a great way to stand out from other people at the festival.  

LED lights are a fun way to add to the lighting and special effects coming from the stage at the show!


One of the hottest trends in EDM festival and rave clothing style is the leggings worn to the shows.

These aren't your average Yoga leggings, either!

Leggings for raves have bright colors and unique designs. These range from neon color streaks to leggings with bright colored pineapples, animals and more!

Leggings are a great way to make a fashion statement to others at your next EDM festival.


Besides the fun environment and the unique stage setups at EDM festivals, people go to these shows to hear the music!

Let's face it, EDM music is unlike anything else and we love to hear it. But if you want to enjoy this music years down the road, you have to protect your ears.

The decibel level of speakers at concerts can be over 104 decibels, the equivalent to the listening to a chainsaw up close! At times, speaker decibel levels can be much higher.

Bring earplugs so that you can avoid that ringing sound some concert-goers feel as they leave a show!

Rave Clothing and Festival Accessories

The rave clothing you wear and the things you bring can help set the tone for your next EDM festival.

Do you have clothing or another accessory that you can't leave home without when you head out to a rave? Comment below to start a discussion about the must-have's for these festivals.

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