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August 03, 2017 3 min read

Rave Clothing and Festival Gear

Summer may be winding down, but the festival season is still heating up. Events like Bonnaroo may be over, but there are still tons of raves and festivals to look forward to!

As everyone knows, festival clothing is a fashion styleunto itself. And a rave isn't just about the music and the family. It's about the look and having the right equipment. As you dance with your friends until the sun comes up, you'll want to make sure you're looking great.

Here are some of our favorite essential pieces of festival clothing!

Festival Clothing and Rave Gear Essentials

1. Wearable Water Bottle Backpack

Getting a backpack into a festival can be tricky depending on the security. But most events will let attendees bring in a backpack filled with the essentials.

It doesn't matter what type of climate you're in, you'll want to stay safe. And one of the easiest ways of keeping yourself safe at a rave is by staying hydrated.

But no need to substitute style for safety! You can casually sip water and keep yourself going from your wearable water bottle backpack.

2. Furry Boots

Few articles of festival clothing are as iconic as the furry boots. They're one of the longest enduring symbols of rave culture -- and they're comfy, to boot!

Guy or girl, it doesn't matter. The furry boots are THE quintessential piece of raver gear. Add a bit of style to your nighttime wardrobe by including a pair of furry boots.

Best of all, there are enough variations of this comfy footwear that you'll still stand out. Whether you're into colors, textures, or even lights, you can be sure that you'll find a pair of boots that fit your unique style.

3. Neon Shirts

You may remember a while ago when we mentioned how cool neon shirts are. Well, we stand by it. These shirts are as cool as it gets.

Be sure to check out our selection in the store and pick up an awesome neon shirt of your own.

Of course, raves are all about creativity and style, so maybe you'll want to make your own. If that's the case, grab some neon paint, a white t-shirt, and create your next masterpiece.

4. Light-Up Sunglasses

Alright, truthfully, there's little utility in these sunglasses. They're not going to keep the sun out of your eyes. In fact, you're likely not even going to wear them while the sun is out.

But there's no denying that they look pretty cool. Best of all, they're pretty affordable, too. You can pick up your own set of light-up diffraction glasses for around $50.

5. Flower Crowns

Did you really think this list wouldn't include a flower crown? Whether you're at a rave or a folk festival, you're almost guaranteed to see one of these headbands around.

Get in on the fun and make your headband your own unique statement.

We've Got All The Festival Clothing You Need

Whether you're looking to create your own gear or just want to pick up the latest style, be sure to check out our store. 

And don't forget, we offer a monthly subscription box that features unique styles you won't see anywhere else. It's like a personalized present to yourself every month! Sign up today and make your clothing stand out!

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