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July 05, 2017 2 min read

Raves are about music, community, and free expression. Let your next rave outfit make a statement about who you are and how you feel.To help you find the killer look you want, we've compiled some of the most engaging styles for men and women.


Looking to be noticed -- and help your friends know where you are even when the black lights come on? Wear neon.

Neon says you aren't afraid of the dark and you believe in the vibrancy of humanity.

Black tees and tanks with neon design make a solid foundation piece for your outfit. Add black shorts with neon stripes up the sides. Then let accessories do the rest.

To make your outfit pop, turn glow sticks into necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

For outdoor daytime parties, sport neon-rimmed sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed white hat. And don't forget a neon bathing suit when it's time to cool off. 

Kandi Kid

A Kandi Kid rave outfit tells people you are sweet, joyous, and playful.

Of course, the Kandi Kid style is all about accessories. You can't wear too many candy-strings of different colors around your neck, wrists, ankles, and waist. 

To let the candy-ness stand out, keep your top simple whether it's a tee, tank, bikini bra, or your own decorated skin!

Try incorporating fluffy knee high boots and fringe shorts or a skirt in candy tones to balance out the hardness of your candy-strings jewelry.


Rave outfits with an intergalactic flare say that you're forward-thinking, adventurous, and a little out of this world.

Shiny and shimmery materials are at the core of this style.

Keep tops and bottoms form-fitting. But don't hesitate to add a flourish with a vibrant cape or other flowing cover-up. 

Wear simple white or metallic boots day and night to complete the look.

For outdoor festivals, wear visor style sunglasses. 

Flower Child

Nothing says peace and love like a flower child rave outfit. Draw inspiration from the hippies of the 60s with tie-dyed T-shirts, dresses or pants.

Lightweight denim jeans or short shorts are great for this vintage look. Denim is also durable, which is a plus if you're going to an outdoor festival. Expect to sit on the ground a lot.

Use tried-and-true psychedelic color combinations like red, blue, and yellow or orange and purple. But also mix it up a little. There's nothing like lots of colors to blow people's minds.

If you're looking to express the softer side of the flower child style, create an outfit using floral prints. Accessorize with jewelry made of natural materials like stone, jute, leather, and flowers.

Stay warm and dry at outdoor festivals by sprucing up a plain rain poncho. Use stencils or decals of symbols like peace, love, and harmony.

The Best Rave Outfit

Get inspired. Be creative.

The best outfit you can wear to a rave is the one that makes you feel good -- and reflects the way you feel that day.

Find your style. Or, if you're open to trying different styles, check out our Monthly Box service.

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