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January 30, 2019 2 min read

Gearing up for a trip to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)? Each year, this electronic dance music festival attracts people from near and far.

More than 400,000 people attended last years festivities to dance, experience art, and connect with others.

Part of EDC's appeal is the chance to express your individuality through whimsical and unique clothing.

Looking for outfit inspiration? Keep reading below for a few unforgettable ideas on what to wear to EDC.

Embrace the Neon

If there is one common thread across most EDM festivals, it is neon. With numerous black lights at dance festivals, neon comes alive.

The options are endless. Shirts, pants, bandanas, sunglasses. No matter what you want to wear, you will likely be able to get it in a neon color.

Another option is to take plain white clothing and use neon or glow in the dark paint to create a custom piece just for you.

Holographic Clothing

Just like neon, holographic or chrome looking items are also a staple at most festivals. Think shiny shirts, skirts, and hats.

Whether during the day or night, a shiny and sparkly outfit will make a statement and help you create memories you won't forget.

You may even want to consider grabbing a holographic bag to carry all your rave essentials.

Flower Power

Flowers not quite your thing? Don't fret. Any number of other patterns would make an excellent choice as well. Check out these stand out pineapple pattern pieces!

What to Wear to EDC: Booty Shorts

Many people heading out to an EDM festival strive for sexiness and comfort. For this reason, many go with stylish booty shorts. They are also great for festivals in hot climates.

Get creative with patterns and fabric. You can even get high-waisted options for a little extra coverage.

Fairy Wings and Tutus

Raves encourage whimsy and fantasy, all why dancing to some sick beats. It's no wonder that both tutus and fairy wings are a popular choice then.

It's easy to throw a tutu over shorts or leggings. You can get rainbow tutus, tutus with battery operated lights, or even ones full of glitter.

Pair a tutu with some fairy wings and your festival fairy look will be complete.

Crop Tops

Just like booty shorts, crop tops give comfort and slight sex appeal. Choose a pattern that sparks joy or try to find a psychedelic animal print to make a statement.

With the live music industry continuing to grow, you will have more and more opportunity to wear any crop top you wear for years to come.

Goggles and Other Accessories

One final category to consider for your trip to EDC is accessories. Retro and steampunk goggles make awesome additions to any outfit.

You can also utilize bandanas and sunglasses to add even more pops of color to any outfit.

Dance Your Way Through EDC

We hope some of these outfit ideas have sparked something inside you.

Want to see even more ideas on what to wear to EDC? Check out this guide to top jewelry options for any festival!

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