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February 04, 2019 2 min read

Did you know that going to the beach can revitalize your health? All the sights, sounds, smells, and other stimulations act like an oasis for your brain.

Whether you're loading up the car for a day trip or you're planning the best beach getaway, bringing the right gear is essential for having a great time.

Not sure what to bring? Don't worry. Keep reading to build your ultimate beach packing list.

Clothing Packing List for Beach Vacation

Packing for a beach vacation shouldn't be stressful. Keeping your outfits simple and relaxed will ensure you stay comfortable.

The first item you should pack is a cute swimsuit. Depending on how many days you'll be at the beach, you might want to pack a few.

Bringing a coverup is also great for breezier days or for taking a stroll along the boardwalk. Don't forget to accessorize and protect your eyes with sunglasses. If you have fair skin, a sunhat can help prevent sunburns.

Your shoes should be comfortable as well. Flip flops are most people's go-to for footwear, but you can also wear sandals or sneakers if you plan on exercising.

Foods that Should Be on Your Beach Packing List

What good is a beach day without yummy snacks? Make sure you pack smart to avoid melted treats or soggy meals.

Bringing a cooler is always a good idea. Cold water and fresh fruit can work magic when you spend all day in the heat. The other bonus is that these things won't cause any bloat to make you feel self-conscious in your swimsuit.

Chex Mix is another good snack that can replenish the sodium you sweat out without causing bloating. Since it's not fried, you won't feel lethargic after indulging.

Sandwiches are an easy, no-fuss meal that can be whipped up in a minute. You can keep things classic with a PB&J or enjoy a turkey veggie wrap as a lighter alternative.

Beach Supplies List

The most important thing you need on your beach checklist is a tote bag to carry all of your belongings. There's nothing worse than making multiple trips to your car, especially if you have to park far away from the water.

Other must-haves include beach towels, sunscreen, and an umbrella. These items will keep you dry, burn-free, and cool.

Other Goodies for Your Beach Trip Packing List

Now that we've covered essentials, we can get to the fun stuff. Everyone enjoys doing different things at the beach, so pack what appeals to you most.

Here are a few things that can keep you entertained:

  • Books, magazines, and other reading materials
  • A volleyball, frisbee, or other sports gear
  • A downloaded music playlist on your phone and a water-proof, bluetooth speaker
  • Boogie boards, surfboards, and other water gear
  • Crosswords, word searches, sudokus, and other brain teasers

Want to Rock the Coolest Beach Gear?

Now that you know what to include on your beach packing list, you can have some fun in the sun all summer long.

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