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January 18, 2019 2 min read

The pineapple was once considered the world's most exotic fruit.

Because of that, people served it to their most important guests. Eventually, the pineapple became the international symbol for friendship and hospitality

Pineapple stuff can be classy or quirky all depending on the print and your mood. Why not add some cute pineapple prints to your wardrobe?

Add a little lighthearted fun to your look.

Here are seven pineapple items you could wear to your next EDM festival.

1. Pineapple Hoodie

A pineapple print hoodie is practical and a little funky-cool at the same time. You're sure to stand out at an EDM festival. This hoodie is available as a unisex style.

So no matter who you are, male or female, you can sport a funky pineapple hoodie. 

2. Pineapple Jogging Pants

These aren't something you'll see every day. Jogging pants are casual and comfortable by design. Add a fun pineapple print and walk around with a smile. 

Our joggers come in two types, a lighter jersey knit and a heavier version for cooler weather.

3. Neon Pink Pineapple Blanket

Enough said. For those times when you need to mark your spot, why not a bright blanket covered in pineapples? There is also a hooded version of this blanket. You can wrap yourself (and maybe someone else with you) in friendly pineapples. 

4. Psychedelic Pineapple Onesie

When you think pineapple print, you think tropical, right? Well, check out this trippy "Pineapple Daze" onesie on for size (literally). It features hand-drawn art along with a comfortable fit.

The gorgeous print is available in many cute pineapple items, from a dress, shirt, tank, and hoodie. It's even available as a blanket.

5. Pineapple Accessories

If fruity, full body wear isn't your style, accessorize with pineapples! This pineapple shoulder bag sports the same fun pineapple print as the clothing.

Use it at your next EDM festival to carry your stuff or as a pineapple beach tote this summer.

6. Black-and-White Pineapple Yoga Mat

Another example is this black-and-white print yoga mat. The colors match anyone's style but give you the uniqueness of the pineapple pattern. These are great for outdoor festivals.

They also make great pineapple gifts for friends. The simple black-and-white pattern is available with other pineapple items including clothing and even a shower curtain. 

7. Cute Pineapple Shorts

For warmer weather, you can't help but go with pineapple shorts. The style featured here are men's and can double as swim trunks. Additional styles and additional patterns are available in women's sizes.

Pineapple Vibes

The history of the friendly pineapple led to it becoming a symbol of friendship. What better theme to wear when going to an EDM festival, where new and old friends meet up? 

To see more cute pineapple gear, check out our complete Pineapple Vibes collection.

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