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June 22, 2016 3 min read

EDM and Spirit

The Emotion of Music

Think back to some of your favorite memories. There’s a good chance you can also associate a song with these memories, and listening to that song again brings back a flood of emotions. Linking music with a memory may be common, but why does this happen? How does music affect your brain, specifically? At Electro Threads, our goal is to help uplift and spread positive vibes throughout the world, and we hope our artistic and spiritual-themed clothes will only help spread the love even more. We also want to help you understand the scientific reasons why music is so important to so many, whether you are an electronic dance music fan, a bluegrass fan, or anything in between. Learn more about how music influences your brain, affects your life, and motivates you.

Ways Music Affects the Brain

If you take the time out of your busy schedule to attend a music festival, then obviously music plays a huge role in your life. But did you know it literally affects every part of your brain? The cochlea, a part of the inner ear, is what triggers the following instincts and effects sent through to your brain.  

Music Affects How We See Others

Whether you’re listening to a happy or sad song, it can affect how you interpret others’ expressions. Participants of a studyby Goldsmiths College were more likely to see a neutral face as either happy or sad, according to the song they just heard.

Music Can Stimulate Creativity

You may love dancing your heart out to EDM while getting work done, but music at a moderate level works best to get your creative juices flowing. Moderate noise leads to higher creativity, since it increases processing difficulty and promotes abstract processing.

Music Choice Can Predict Personality

If you’ve ever talked to someone you just met about their favorite kind of music, you can probably get a good idea of their personality type. A studyconducted at Heriot-Watt University found that openness to experience, extraversion, and emotional stability were the easiest personality traits to guess correctly based on musical preference. If electronic dance music is your favorite, you are most likely to be creative and outgoing, yet not gentle, according to the study. If you fit this description, we have the clothing to match your style for all occasions.

Music Can Be a Distraction

While music can stimulate creativity, it can also cause loss of focus. While driving, this study found that the driver is more likely to make mistakes and drive more aggressively when listening to their music of choice. When the researcher provided the music, however, it proved to be more beneficial than listening to no music at all.

Music in and of itself isn’t dangerous on the road, but music you’re all-too-familiar with could be.

Music Can Motivate

If your brain says it’s tired, music can overpower that urge. This can help especially with exercise, since music will compete with your brain’s urges to stop for a break. Not only can you keep going longer, but your workout may be more efficientwhile listening to music as well.

Music and Spirituality

Though it may not seem like it at first, EDM contains elements of religion and spirituality just like many other genres. But spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean a traditional church setting to everyone. Feeling the lyrics deeply and applying them to your everyday life is part of who you are and part of your personal “religion.” At Electro Threads, our clothes can help you express what the music makes you feel and continue the message on to others without you having to say a word.

Listening to music on your own can give you one type of spiritual experience, but listening to live music is a completely different story. If you’re someone who craves the energy you get when listening to music at a festival or other type of live show, you’re not alone. Live music gives you hope, can raise your spirits, and make you feel connected to others in a very unique way.


Match the Look and Feel

Music can inspire you, uplift you, and even cause you to have a spiritual experience, but all of this is tied back to its affect on the brain. Without these effects, music wouldn’t have the lasting impressions on you that it does day after day. You wouldn’t remember the perfect memory tied to the perfect song.

If you want your clothing to match how you feel about the music you listen to, we have you covered. Our artistic and creative clothing will help you spread good vibes while looking as great as you feel.


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