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June 15, 2016 3 min read

More than Music

It’s not just about the music.

Electronic dance music fans love the music and its funky beats, but these fans differ from their counterparts in other music genres. There’s much more to the growing EDM movement than fandom of specific artists or specific tunes.

While the traditional concert industry panics as the number of tickets sold continues to slide – ticket sales for all concerts hit a record low in 2010 and haven’t bounced back—ticket sales for EDM events are selling like love beads at a music fest. In 2013, ticket sales of EDM events quadrupled.

As frequent festival goers know, EDM events aren’t just concerts. There’s a stage, and music and dancing, but EDM events are an experience steeped in peace, love, unity and respect.

The world is starting to take notice.

There’s just something special about EDM fans. Eventbrite, an event promotion organization, researched the differences between fans of EDM and fans of other genres. Their survey of more than 1,100 adults found that EDM fans:

Love Gathering

When the average EDM fan attends an event, they don’t go alone or even with just one or two friends. The average EDM fan takes a minimum of four others along. We know that the social aspect of an EDM festival or concert is more than half of the fun, so it makes sense that EDM goers invite their friends.

Dig Technology

For a group that’s synonymous with socializing, it’s no surprise that EDM fans use social media to find the happening raves and invite friends. Compared to concert goers in other genres, EDM fans also post more online before, during, and after a festival or event.

The Eventbrite survey revealed that 67 percent of EDM fans post to social media before an event, compared to only 37 percent of other music genre fans. During the event itself, 41 percent of EDM fans post compared to 21 percent of other fans, and after the event, the EDM fans continue posting! While 51 percent of other genre fans post about their concert experience afterwards, 63 percent of EDM fans share online following an event.

These are fans who are willing to pay to attend an event online, even if they can’t be there in person! More than 53 percent of EDM fans are willing to pay to stream a live event. 

Engage in the Community

We know that EDM music fans stay connected long after the lights go out and the beats stop at a festival. Almost one-third of an EDM fans’ social media posts talks about electronic dance music – far more than fans of other genres post. The EDM fanatics also regularly discuss subculture topics, like peace, love, unity, and respect, DJ mixes, and EDM podcasts. Online discussions about dance routines and travel to shows are also common, according to the Eventbrite study. EDM fans are a tight-knit community.

Girls at EDM Concert

Live the Motto

Peace, love, unity and respect, or PLUR, is the motto of the EDM culture, and it doesn’t end with the music or an event. At festivals, EDM fans express PLUR in the art form of music. We all groove to many different sub genres like trance, techno, or dub step, but when the music starts we move as one.

But the expression of PLUR isn’t limited to festivals alone--though, as we fans know it’s definitely a major part of any festival. However, those kandi beads and colorful clothing, the feel good vibes and flower children, are mainstream in the daily life as well.


How do you love the gatherings? How do you dig the technology? How do you engage in the community? And how do you live the motto? How do you PLUR?

At Electro Threads, we know that EDM fans are more than just music fans. They’re artists spreading an inspirational worldview of peace, love, unity, and respect. Of course, PLUR is spread in action, but it’s also spread in the smiles on our faces, the bounce in our steps, and the clothes we wear.

The EDM movement is so much more than music.

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