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June 29, 2016 3 min read

EDM is pure Love shirt

John Chapman spread peace, love, unity, and respect wherever he went. Though he was known as something of an eccentric in his time – he was born in 1774 and died in 1845 – his pension for spreading joy made him an American icon.  Chapman spread his cheer by planting apple seeds, and today, we know him as Johnny Appleseed.

So how can you plant the seeds of peace, love, unity, and respect, and share positive vibes?Though we don’t aspire to plant actual trees at Electro Threads, we do hope to plant and grow positive vibes through PLUR, or peace, love, unity, and respect. Ravers know PLUR as the manifesto of the EDM movement. At Electro Threads, we believe positive vibes are more than a feeling – they’re a lifestyle to be embraced. Positive vibes don’t just make you feel good; they rub off on others and ripple throughout the world.

It starts with loving yourself without judgment and accepting others unconditionally. This is the key to happiness. Just as the apple seed grows trees that bear fruit to be shared, happiness manifests itself as an energy that can be transferred to others.

Generating a Good Vibe

There are many ways to cultivate a good vibe – a feeling of deep positivity that runs through your veins. Here are some of things you can do to improve your vibe:

  •  Commit Acts of Kindness, Generosity, and Compassion

Selfless acts increase well-being. One academic study revealed that pleasure centers in the brain light up when we give to others. Another study compared the happiness of participants who gave money and participants who received money. The participants who gave money away registered higher levels of happiness than those who received cash! These acts also inspire others. Researchers in California discovered that acts of generosity begat more acts of generosity. Kindness is contagious!

  •  Exercise

Endorphins may just be the essence of feel-good vibes. As Elle in Legally Blonde so eloquently put it: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Exercise also boosts serotonin, and norepinephrine. We’re big fans of yoga and meditation to increase endorphins. Yoga and meditation create a mind-body connection.

  •  Listen to Upbeat Tunes

As everyone in the EDM movement knows, good tunes generate feelings of well-being and happiness. EDM party people work to strengthen their connections with one another and create connections on a global scale.

Transferring Positivity

When these activities bear the fruit of good vibes, you can share it with others. When you exude positive vibes, you’ll have more opportunities for sharing good vibes because people will be attracted to you. Your positive energy is easily transferable.

 Here are a few ways you can share your positive energy:

  •  Exchange Kandi

These handmade bracelets should be crafted with positive thoughts. Trading one is a promise that interconnectedness of that moment will echo into the future.

  •  Give Hugs

Human touch is magical. You can definitely pass good vibes through a hug, and it’s scientifically proven! Cuddling and hugging release the love hormone, or oxytocin, into the dopamine reward center of the brain. Basically, it makes us feel good. Hugging lowers stress hormones, reduces blood pressure, and improves mood. Some research suggests it may even help sick people heal faster. So hug it out!

  •  Wear Happiness

Johnny Appleseed sprinkled the Ohio River Valley with the things that made him happy – the seeds of apple trees. At Electro Threads, our goal is to plant the seeds of peace, love, unity, and respect through the
Positive Vibes Collection. We’re spreading good vibes one shirt at a time.You can wear happiness on your face through a warm smile, and you can wear it across your chest as well. Australian researchers are finding that people attach emotion to certain pieces of clothing. Garments associated with happy memories give the wearer a boost of well being. Electro Threads’ Positive Vibe line is dedicated to naturalistic themes and positive messages. These are garments designed to make the wearer – you! – and those around you smile.  

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