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October 09, 2017 2 min read

Onesies are making their mark on the rave and festival scene, and with good reason. There are few better ways to combine comfort and fashion than with a unique adult onesie.

The first time you saw an adult onesie, you may have thought they looked silly and wondered why anyone would ever wear one.

The truth is, if you don't already own one (or more) you are missing out! Here are the top 5 reasons you need to go buy yourself a onesie today.

They Will Keep You Warm and Comfy

Camping festivals can get chilly at night. The key to having a great time is making sure you are prepared for any kind of festival weather.

Rocking an awesome onesie is a great way to stay warm and comfy while doing your thing around the campgrounds. The best part is, when you're finally ready to call it a night all you have to do is crawl into your tent, curl up, and go to sleep. You will be able to sleep soundly with no worries about readjusting your blankets during the night.

They're So Much Fun!

Adult onesies come in so many unique designs, there's truly something for everybody. Whether you want to celebrate your favorite food, cartoon character, spirit animal, or simply want to rock out with glitter or sequins, there's a onesie for that.

Explore your options until you find the perfect design. Better yet, pick two or three so you have plenty of choices.

They're Perfect for Squad Goals

Make your mark by dressing you whole tribe in onesies. Choose a theme, coordinate with your totems, or just let everybody march to the beat of their own drum. There's really no wrong way to play the onesie game.

They Make Costume Day Easy

Most festivals now have an official or unofficially-designated costume-themed day. Jumping into a onesie is an easy way to join in on the fun without having to put in too much effort. After a day or two of raging hard, settling into a comfy adult onesie is a welcome change.

For years, attendees at Shambhala music festivalhave celebrated the first day of the festival by embracing all things onesie. Many other festivals and events are now following suit.

An Adult Onesie Isn't Just for Festivals

Onesie-fever is catching on across the United States. You don't have to look far to find events like The Great Onesie Bar Crawl in Denver, CO, onesie 5k races, and even "wear your onesie to work" charity events.

Don't Miss Out on Onesie Mania

Whether you're buying your first onesie or looking for some new ones to add to your collection, Electro Threads has what you need.

We also feature all of the hottest rave and festival gear to make sure your outfits are always on point.

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