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October 30, 2017 3 min read

Admit it: you'd rather wear your yoga leggings than "real" pants anytime. They're just so darn comfortable! And you're not alone - the athleisure clothing industry was responsible for roughly $442 million in sales in during 2016, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Some women feel self-conscious wearing yoga pants to work, to run errands, or anyplace besides the gym or the yoga studio. But there are ways to make this comfortable choice a stylish one, too. Read on!

Wear Your Yoga Leggings Like Tights

One easy way to incorporate leggings into your everyday wear is to think of them more like tights. Try wearing them with a belted mini dress and knee-high boots for a polished office look.

A pencil skirt that's the same color as your yoga leggings, paired with a feminine button-up blouse and chic ballet flats, is another professional style that is as easy-to-wear as it is attractive.

Think of Leggings as a Base Layer

For a more casual look -- think Saturday farmer's market trip or Sunday brunch with the girls -- start with a pair of yoga leggings and then layer, layer, layer.

A chunky oversize sweater or colorful poncho are great choices, since a boxier silhouette will enhance the slim, sleek line of your leggings. Flat ankle boots turn this outfit into a practical but stylish look for sightseeing or strolling around the museum.

Glam Them Up!

One surefire way to make sure you're not mistaken for a woman on her way to the gym? Pair your yoga leggings with one super-glamorous piece. This could be a pleated silver mini, a sequined tunic, or even a dressy tuxedo-style jacket worn over a crisp white button-down.

Just don't overdo the glitz -- remember that when you're choosing sparkly or glittery pieces, less is always more.

Play Up the Athletic Look

If you wear your yoga leggings with a performance tank top and your usual sneakers, you will definitely give the impression that you just finished a workout. Similarly, yoga pants with a football jersey or a baggy pullover hoodie might be the ultimate in comfort for those Netflix-on-the-couch afternoons, but look a bit too sloppy for when you're actually going to leave the house.

To create a casual, athletic-inspired style, try a fitted graphic tee with a bomber jacket layered over top, and a pair of old-school Adidas or even Vans. No-show socks are a must here.

Even if you're not a girly-girl, you can find a way to sport yoga leggings without looking like a slob.

Channel Your Inner Hipster

Are you the type of girl who wouldn't dream of wearing Uggs with your yoga pants, and wouldn't be caught dead drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Not to worry, we still have a stylish look for you.

Choose an oversized plaid flannel shirt, buttoned up to the neck. Over that, you'll want to don a V-neck cardigan, left unbuttoned. A fedora, some chunky spectacles, and a pair of menswear-inspired oxfords completes this funky, hipster-esque look for the millennial who's anything but "basic."

Check Out the Coolest Yoga Leggings

No matter what your style, Electro Threads has a pair of yoga pants that will suit you to a T. Take a look at the wide variety we have in stock -- and wear your yoga leggings with pride!

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