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January 02, 2018 3 min read

This time of year is often full of fun and festive events.

But, many exciting seasonal activities are held outdoors.

When the temperature drops, it can be difficult to enjoy outdoor events. Winter weather makes it more difficult to comfortably enjoy outdoor venues, between the cold and maybe even snow.

Whether you are gazing at holiday lights, watching the snow fall, waiting for the ball to drop, or taking in outdoor concert tunes, shivering in cold air can take away from your experience.

This year, don't let Jack Frost send you home early.

We've got the solution to looking cool and staying warm with this year's hottest festival fashion.

Want to know how to fend off the chill so you can stay for the fun?

Read on to find out about hooded blankets, the trend that this season's fashion buzz is all about!

Festival Fashion that Looks Cool But Keeps You Warm

One of the trademarks of any season's best festivals are the hot stylish threads that everyone's wearing. But, traditionally, the season's coolest looks aren't ideal for enduring the cold of winter.

It's impossible to have a "hot look" when what you're wearing makes you resemble an abdominal snowman. But, it's also impossible to enjoy the evening's excitement if you're dressed for summer weather but the temperature feels more sub-zero than sunny.

How can you bridge the gap between fashion sense and sensible fashion?

We've got plenty of solutions to solve your wintry festival fashion woes. In addition to this season's hottest onesies, leggings, and hoodies, the all-new hooded blanket matches all of your favorite winter wear and slips on and off over any outfit effortlessly.

The Season's Hooded Blankets is Much More than Your Average Blanket

Don't worry. We're not talking about the hooded blanket your mama's friends wear. Although those snuggly, footless sack blankets from a few years back were pretty good for nights of watching Netflix and chilling on the couch.

But, when you want to hit the town, you need something you can wear while you're out and about. Preferably, something that won't put a damper on your festive style.

Well, look no more because we've found the perfect accessory for this season's festive wear

Choose from luxe patterns, wavy designs, or a unique unicorn feature. There's electric jolts, neon lines, and an all-time festival favorite, the galactic hooded blanket. There are so many awesome designs, you'll want to pick out several.

They look great on both girls and guys. And, they won't weigh you down like the bulky quilted coats and heavy blankets of yesteryear.

In fact, these hooded blankets aren't just for keeping you warm. They're also your ticket to looking cool. And, they go great with the slinky, electric festive clothing that you love to wear.

If you've been looking for festive fashion that's easy to throw on over anything, this is it. And, it's not only for winter. It will become a festival must-have all through the year.

When it's cold out, pair it with your cutest onesies or double up with a zip-up hoodie jacket. Then, when the seasons start to change, it's easy to throw in your backpack and throw over super short shorts and tanks on spring or summer festival nights.

What's really great about this festive blanket is that it spans wide enough that you can share the warmth with a friend if they're cuddled in close.

Looking for a Great Last-Minute Holiday Gift?

If the holidays crept up on you without giving you time to buy for all the people on your gift list, we've got good news.

We can help you stay out of the dog house this year. Because, there's still time to order a hooded blanket for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your best friend.

And while you're at it, why not gift one for yourself, too. After all, there's just one way to make sure you get what you really want. And, you'll kick off the new year in style.

Check out our great selection of hooded blankets to place your order today!

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