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August 14, 2017 2 min read

What's more important than the music at an EDM festival? Your outfit. Yes, the fashion at EDM festivals around the globe are just as important as the music you are craving. 

By getting your EDM outfit up to par, you'll contribute to the entire euphoric experience of a rave festival. From the Tommorrowland festival in Boom, Belgium to the Sonar Rave in Barcelona, Spain, you should deck out your threads to match your big event. 

The three-day festivals feature some of the best artists and DJs at the top of the current music scene. The free-spirited essence and out-of-this-world experiences people have during EDM festivals are why people will travel literally anywhere for them. 

Your rave festival fix is important and they are certainly growing in popularity, but your outfit is equally as important. Here are four EDM outfit ideas for your next festival:

1. The Masked Star

Center your entire outfit around a Huboptic LED mask. One eye catching accessory is plenty for one of your outfit choices. The masks are sound reactive and will ebb and flow with the music!

For a chic and modern look, keep your outfit dark and simple. Let your mask be the star. You won't need much else considering the colors and vibrancy this mask has to offer.

2. The Trip Thread

You can look mesmerizing and enticing with simple threads with the right pattern on them. Whether it's a tank top with an intergalactic spread, or a pair of joggers that have a spiral tie-dye, keeping your basics loud and bold will make for a great EDM outfit. 

Consider sacred geometry and artsy vibe pieces. These can also be found in onesie form for a comfortable, exciting, and carefree look. EDM festivals are a great place to get a little quirky, so go for the gold.

3. Bringing Booty Back

Whether you're a female or a male with a show stopping backside, let it shine through your EDM outfit. There are so many different options for great rave booty shorts.

They come in every material imaginable. Whether they are neon painted jean shorts or a pair made out of spandex metallic, rock these babies and you will turn a lot of heads. 

Bouncing around to a great DJ set can be more fun if your backside is free to do so also- for both you and the audience you are sure to garner. After all, no one went to an EDM festival to be a wallflower.  

4. Kill It With Kaleidoscope 

Kaleidoscope glasses will literally let you see the EDM world with a new lens. Trip out with a fantastic pair of glasses to watch the lights and lasers filtrate through them in interesting ways. 

You may have everyone around you begging to try them, but you'll be elated with the effects it will have your festival experience. 

Don't Hold Back

Whether you're new to the festival circuit or an experienced pro, the key is to never hold back. Unleash your wild beast and dance the night away in any of these stellar rave looks. 

Stay fresh and body out, incorporate a mask or a kaleidoscope, and you just may upstage even the DJs. 

Check here for incredible rave & EDM outfits for any festival! 

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