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November 30, 2016 2 min read

The leaves turn yellow and red, the winds pick up, and suddenly it's time to up your fall wardrobe game. When it gets cold, the fashion becomes comfier, looser, and layered. If you want to get a handle on some of the season's greatest trends, take a look at our list of Electro Threads fall fashion picks. With these ideas, you'll be ready to show off some of your personalized cold-weather looks.

Layer with Tanks

Tank tops don't need to be packed away when the cold weather hits. You can create current looks by layering tanks and loose long-sleeve shirts. We have a variety of tanks in a spectrum of colors with different patterns. If you love Asian, Hindi, or Buddhist designs, we have Ganesh and other specialty tanks. Because there is so much cross-pollination in the world of fashion between East and West, getting tanks and other layerable items with this type of design feeling makes for a current outfit.

Long-Sleeved Shirt Trends

Baseball tees and off-the-shoulder are currently two of the most popular styles for women's tops. Baseball tees are sporty and flattering on a variety of body types. They tend to be cut longer and straighter than typical women's shirts, so they do a great job of either accentuating an already long torso, or making a shorter torso visibly lengthened. You can play with the sportiness of the top by picking a contrasting pattern that is feminine, brightly colored, and flowery. You can also go as tomboy as possible and get a baseball shirt that's more sports oriented.

 Off-the-shoulder shirts show a little skin while still providing cold-weather coverage. From a flowy, see-through material to something fleecy, we have several types of fabrics in this hot new style. These shirts will make you feel truly bohemian and much freer than a shirt with a standard scoop or V-neck cut.

Hoodies and Sweaters

Who could go to an autumn football game or sit around a winter campfire without a comfy hoodie or sweater? You don't need to choose a drab or plain option this year. With Electro Threads Fall Fashion, you can pick a pattern that stands out against the gray skies of the colder season. Choose one of our pop-culture reference hoodies to show what favorite books or movies you're into. You can also pick solid colors and soft fabrics for hoodies that will quickly become your go-to winter wear. Whether you want something that's unique and will stand out, or a classic, comfy option, you'll be toasty in our quality hoodies.

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