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November 29, 2016 2 min read

One of the most exciting parts of the weather changing is getting to pull out your warm-weather clothing and buy new toasty threads. If you've noticed that your wardrobe needs a little spark, it's time to check out the following ways to make your look more exciting. By injecting some trending styles and bright colors, you can warm up with Electro Threads’ blankets and hoodies and make a statement wherever you go.

Trending Styles

This season, off-the-shoulder and flowy tops are all the rage for women. With long-sleeve options for off-the-shoulder tops, you can keep warm while still showing a little bit of collar bone and neckline. You can find flowy and oversized tops in knit or fleecy material. These styles are cut to be comfortable and current, and provide you with the warmth to keep you toasty in the autumn. Pair these with your comfiest leggings or sweats for totally acceptable home and public outfits for the cold-weather season.

For men, 3/4-sleeved baseball tees with graphic designs are all the rage. Colorful hoodies are also a style that's easy to coordinate with pants and sneakers. With oversized hoods and soft fabric, you can update your warm-clothing look. If you've gone with the safe jacket or sweater look, buying hoodies can give you more options.

Electro Threads Fall Fashion

Inject Some Color

Who says that autumn and winter are only for drab and dark colors? For years the world has had to deal with the depressing time of year when guys and gals ditch their pastels and neons in favor of navy and black garb.

This winter, warm up with Electro Threads and the bright colors that make our stock distinctive. Get on the snowboarding and winter-sport trend: grab neon accessories, tops, and pants that can set you off against the snow. Even if you've never let yourself get crazy with color, it's the perfect way to bring flair and electricity to your wardrobe. If you go bold with color, you won't have to worry about your friends losing you in a crowd of crew necks and khakis. 

Take a Chance on New Looks

We have lots of clothes and blankets with geeky, pop culture, and trippy designs. Whether you like to go to drum circles or football games in the fall, you can stand out with bold statement wardrobe pieces. You can support artists by wearing their designs and ditching the old plain t-shirts and hoodies. From lions to elephants, we carry a variety of intricately-designed clothes for both men and women.

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