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November 30, 2016 2 min read

Yoga is an activity that is designed toward achieving balance, serenity, and a general feeling of peace and positivity. But that doesn't mean you can go into yoga with negative feelings swirling around in your head and expect to achieve total Zen. You need to make the effort from the moment you walk into the room to leave all negative thoughts and feelings behind so that you can focus on finding your center. Here are some tips to help you walk into yoga with a positive mindset, so that you walk out feeling totally at peace.

Dress the Part 

First and foremost, make the effort to dress appropriately for your yoga class. If you are not truly prepared, then you will struggle to focus on relaxation, and being properly dressed is a part of that preparation. Electro Threads offers a complete line of yoga clothing so that you can be comfortable and relaxed throughout your class. What's more, our Positive Vibes line, designed by artist Emily Deechaleune, is designed to promote positivity with its soothing designs, positive messages, and heartwarming colors.

Leave Your Baggage at the Door

It can be hard to push aside stressful thoughts about work, relationships, and other responsibilities. But remember that yoga is all about you. You should leave your baggage at the door and enter with the determination to focus on nothing but helping yourself to truly relax and unwind. Bringing those stressful thoughts into class with you makes it impossible to find your center.

Make a Personal Commitment

Finally, before you walk through the door to your yoga class, make a personal commitment to yourself that you will be fully engaged in the class, focused on your mind and body, and prepared to let yourself relax. If you need to, try coming up with a mantra that helps you to focus, push aside other thoughts, and commit to the class. Say it to yourself every time before you walk through the door so that you enter the room with nothing but positive vibes.

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