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November 20, 2017 2 min read

During the frigid winter months, people are desperate for anything that will keep them warm. In recent years, hooded blankets have become one of the more popular ways to fend off the cold.

These blankets are larger than most hoodies and typically the same size or slightly smaller than regular blankets, allowing them to be used both inside and outside.

Plus, all of these blankets feature polyester Sherpa lining with ultra smooth micro-mink polyester face. As one of the most reliable and durable materials for winter wear, polyester keeps moisture out and warm air in.

Interested in purchasing a hooded blanket but don't know which one to buy? Read on to discover seven great options that will keep you snug as a bug this winter.

Mandala Hooded Blankets

Compared to some of the other designs on this list, the look of Mandala blankets may seem simple.

However, there's a vibrancy in that simplicity. The straightforward design allows the colors in each blanket to really shine.

Plus, you have plenty of options to choose from, such as black, teal, and white or even "ghost."

Purple Luxe Hooded Blanket

Similar to the Mandala blankets, there's nothing wildly inventive about the Purple Luxe Hooded Blanket. It's a more classic choice.

The flower-filled design is gorgeous, and the deep purple gives the blanket a more regal quality, as if it's a queen's royal cloak.

Galaxy 2.0 Hooded Blanket

If you don't want to travel outside to look at the stars, you can head into space from the comfort of your own bedroom with the Galaxy 2.0 Hooded Blanket.

The striking outer-space design is filled with vibrant colors and rich detail. Wearing this blanket is like covering yourself with every star from the galaxy.

Hypnotic Vortex Hooded Blanket

Put all of your friends and family in a trance with the Hypnotic Vortex Hooded Blanket.

The main attraction for this blanket is its use of color. Several different colors combine together to create a vivid pattern that you can easily get lost looking into.

Bleed America Hooded Blanket

Don't wait for the Fourth of July for American flag-inspired fashion.

The Bleed America Hooded Blanket transforms the red, white, and blue of the flag into dripping paints that come together in a surprising but satisfying picture.

The Lion King Inspired Hooded Blankets

Disney fans will feel the love tonight when wearing any of these amazing Lion King-inspired blankets.

Many of them paint different portraits of the popular character Rafiki. However, there's also a breathtakingly beautiful design that echoes the look and feel of the film's central location: Pride Rock.

Going Forward

There's no denying the fun, style, and versatility of hooded blankets, which feature unique designs and can be worn both inside and outdoors.

When you are trying to find something special for a loved one this holiday season, consider purchasing a hooded blanket. It could be the perfect Christmas gift.

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