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Psychedelic Awakening Hooded Blanket

Blanket Type

Inspiration/Meaning of "Psychedelic Awakening":

"The centerpiece is the Merkabah, a sacred geometry symbol that represents a "chariot" to help with the guidance through the energies of the universe and is referenced in mysticism as being a vehicle that allows the ascent into heavenly palaces and the Throne of God.

Surrounding the Merkabah is Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life, symbolizing the wellspring of creation. 

The four triangles are the alchemic symbols of the four elements, and around it, there are the Platonic Solids.

On the sides and the top and bottom, there is again the Flower of Life, and as a background, are fractals, symbolizing the foundation of everything in nature, going back to the elements.

Everything is connected to the art, the main concept being the Merkaba."

Art by Yantrart Design

    Size Options:
    • Adult: 80" wide x 60" tall
    • Youth (Ages 4-10): 60" wide x 50" tall
    • Enhanced print quality brings out the extra details and extremely vibrant artwork. 
    • Printed using Sublimation... Each one is uniquely crafted just for you.
    • Hand made in the USA... with love ;) 


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    Blanket Type options:
    • Sherpa: Plush 100% polyester Sherpa lining with an ultra-smooth micro-mink polyester face. Whipstitch edge finish adds a handmade touch.
    • MicroFleece: Ultra Soft Premium Fabric (100% Microfiber Fleece). Printed outside, Inside is white.