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Galaxy 2.0 Unisex Joggers


Material Features:

Ultra-Soft Poly (Regular) 

- Our Ultra-Soft Poly has a sleek and soft feel that is both comfortable and durable! The fit has just the right amount of stretch that gives the look and feel of cotton without ever cracking, peeling, or flaking the print. 

  • Wrinkle-Free fabric 
  • 100% polyester 
  • Won’t shrink or lose its shape 
  • Feels as soft as cotton- Guaranteed. 

Magic Soft 

- Our Magic Soft fabric is a buttery smooth 65/35% polyester rayon fleece blend that fits and feels like a cozy cotton cloud. The blended fabric makes the colors appear slightly muted and give a vintage appearance. 

  • Dulled print colors/ Vintage feel 
  • ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA soft premium fabric 
  • 65/25% polyester rayon fleece blend
  • Incredibly warm and soft
  • Sublimated print that will never fade 

Crushed Velvet  

 - This luxe fabric is a 90/10% polyester spandex/crushed velvet blend that takes luxury to new levels. The Crushed Velvet has a shimmer effect that gives the color and art new depth, and the fabric's fit feels silky smooth and has a slight four-way stretch. Not to mention it's made out of 100% recycled material! 

  • 90/10% polyester spandex, crushed velvet blend
  • Made from 100% recycled material 
  • Shimmering effect 
  • Silky smooth fit and touch
  • Crumpled Texture 


- Soft, breathable fabric with a 4-way stretch for ultimate movement. The quick-drying jersey knit provides a comfy feather feel for jogging, dancing, or walking to the fridge for a midnight snack.  

  • 100% polyester jersey 
  • Super-soft, quick-drying jersey knit.
  • 4-way stretch 

This is a Made to Order Item. It is hand-cut and sewn in the US, made just for your order! This process starts as soon as your order is placed and may have a processing time of 7-14 business days before it ships.

Care Instructions:



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ryan L.
I love these pants and

I love these pants and the other Galaxy clothing I got

extremely nice

Love these things. They fit well, are extremely comfy, look just like they do on the app, and have very spacious pockets. Only downside is that there is no back pocket and the pattern looks a little stretched in the waistband, but that will almost always be covered by whatever top you're wearing (I pair it with the acid bath shirt) so it doesn't matter much unless you wanted to make an outfit with these and a crop top.

Russell C.
Quality always

I have a whole wardrobe of electrothreads you won't be disappointed. IG russdabear i live for it

Holly M.
Amazing joggers, super comfortable. I

Amazing joggers, super comfortable. I only wish they had a back pocket but other than that they are great!

Nicole N.
Living in them!!

I bought these for my boyfriend for Christmas and he pretty much never takes them off!! Super comfy, great quality and a BRIGHT print :heart_eyes: