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June 15, 2018 2 min read

Summer is upon us!

What better way to kick-start the summertime festivities than by throwing an epic pool party!?


Check out these useful tips for planning your next pool party.

How To Throw An Epic Pool Party

1. Find A Pool 

If you or your friends don't have a pool to host a party you will need to reserve a local neighborhood pool or exercise facility. If you need help finding a local pool check out this website. It has one of the most descriptive international directories of publicly-accessible full-size pools on the web! 


DJ at pool party

2. Bump Some Tunes 

A party without music is.... well, not a party. An epic party needs tunes like a pool party needs the sun. It's ideal to have a live DJ, however, there is a plethora of floating water-resistant Bluetooth speakers that sure to keep the beats bumpin'.


Pool Party Beach Towels

3. Beach Towels

Make sure that you have a stack of freshly cleaned towels so that your guests don't have to worry if they forget to bring their own. Add a splash of color to your pool party and pick up our new exclusive Mega Hooded Beach Towels, or check out our classic beach towel designs here!

Click here to order a Mega Hooded Beach Towel and get a free pair of our Galaxy Sunglasses!


Floaty For Pool Party

4. Giant Floaties

Make sure you have some Instagram worthy pool floaties and take your pool-lounging to the next level! ( pool noodles and beach balls are also a great addition ) 


5. Party Til' The Sun Goes Down

Start your party around 3 p.m. so that the suns still out but it's not blistering hot. Plan on wrapping it up just after sundown. 


6. Spread The Word

Get the word out about your pool party bash through social media. 


Decorations For Epic Pool Party

7. Decorate 

A few simple decorations are all you need to set the mood for your pool party. Hang your Electro Threads tapestry as a centerpiece and hang some lights or garland around the edge of it to really make an aesthetic splash! 


Pool Party Sunglasses

 8. Supply & Apply The Sunscreen!

We all know how important sunscreen is, especially if you're at the pool on a sunny day. Make sure you have a couple of bottles of sunscreen on deck in case anybody forgets to bring their own. 


9. Changing Area

Set up a bathroom to serve as a changing area. This is also useful if your guests plan on staying for an afterparty.


10. Serve Snacks & Refreshing Drinks 

Make sure you have plenty of tasty light snacks, cold treats, and beverages for your pool party. You can also plan a cookout if you have access to an outdoor grill. 


Swimsuit For Epic Pool Party

11. Rep Threads That Impress

A pool party is a perfect excuse to upgrade your swimsuit from bland to rad. Our Electro Threads swimwear collection is certain to leave you feeling cool in the summertime heat. 


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