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May 05, 2019 3 min read

The birds are singing. The sun is shining. It's time to join the 36 million Americans practicing yoga!

In fact, activewear sales have reached $48 billion with no sign of decline in sight.

But maybe your athleisure ensembles still resemble the dreary mood of winter.

Fear not! We have the 9 colorful yoga outfits to make you stand out in warrior pose.

Lunar Lion Yoga Outfits

Become the leader of the pride with these form-fitting shorts or pants. Not only will the Lunar Lion pattern command attention, but you'll also be able to stretch into any pose with these comfortable, made to order bottoms. 

Crafted from a polyester and spandex blend ensures these will remain beautiful after multiple washes. Keeping you the center of praise each time you strut into the gym.

Gold Boho Yoga Clothes

Gold Boho makes a bold statement with this vibrant and beautiful design.

Whether you're heading to the store or meditating in the yard these leggings fit just right. 

Throw on the matching t-shirt and you'll look electric from head to toe.

Acid Bath Yoga Gear

Emerge from your home wearing this mesmerizing pattern.

Go for a run in the Acid Bath unisex joggers that come in lightweight and regular.

Each lies softly against your skin while allowing you to meditate or enjoy a spiritual quest.

But you may want to buy a pair for your partner too since they are unbelievably comfy and might disappear from your drawer.

Astral Rafiki Yoga Wear

Connect your inner moon goddess with your spirit animal monkey in these flexible, but stylish yoga pants and the unisex tank top.

Astral Rafiki yoga wear allows the wearer to raise her vibrations while boosting self-confidence.

Be the girl everyone wants to know with this distinctive outfit made for any of your active needs.

Galaxy 2.0 Yoga Apparel

Spice up your look with a celestial landscape that catches the eyes of onlookers and helps you feel lit!

Galaxy 2.0 yoga apparel not only offers pants and shorts. The collection includes a hooded blanket and a unisex tank top. This will enable you to practice poses in public but also lounge on your sofa.

Majestic AF Yoga Fashion

What does a magical unicorn and yoga fashion have in common? The Majestic AF collection of yoga outfits. 

Let your inner unicorn prance in these soft yoga shorts with matching V-neck t-shirt.

Not in the mood to show off your yoga sculpted legs?

Try out the Majestic AF yoga pants which will attract your next partner in peace.

Space Jam Galaxy Gear

Get lost in a universe of blue and white with the Space Jam Galaxy gear.

Your body will release tension in a downward facing dog pose as the custom made pants cling in all the right places.

Connect Cute Yoga Outfits

Stay balanced and communicate with Gaia in the Connect yoga collection. 

Allow the amazing organic fabric to caress you while walking a trail or sitting in lotus pose.

Breathe in harmony and exhale anxiety all while looking sensational. 

Escape Yoga Clothes

Escape the mundane reality and fly to a tropical fantasy of beauty and serenity with this pretty pattern.

Try Our Threads

Now that you've fed your sight some of our savory leggings and trippy tank tops you will never be the same. 

The blissful blends of mind, body, and spirit imagery will continue to course through your thoughts.

So why not give in to your temptation and contact us. Your body will thank you for those awesome yoga outfits.

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