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April 30, 2019 2 min read

Summer is just around the corner, so it's time to hit the beach! But before you can enjoy the sun and the sand to its fullest, you have to make sure that you are properly geared up.

The right beach survival kit can make the difference between a vacation paradise and a Griswold Family Vacation level disaster! Snag some of these awesome beach items and keep your beach time 100, fam!

1. Folding Beach Wagon

What is one of the worst parts about a day at the beach? Sure, sunburn hurts and no one likes getting sand kicked in their potato salad... But hands down, the worst part of the day is getting everything to and from the car!

That's why a folding beach wagon is a must have! Since it folds up, it's easy to store in your car. Then once you find a parking spot, just unfold it and pack it full of all your beach gear - even the cooler!

They have chunky treaded wheels that help you roll easily over grass, gravel, sand... whatever's between your car and the beach. And the sturdy steel frame means that bad boy is going to last.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

You can't spend a day at the beach without tunes! Get yourself a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can jam to Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" for three hours straight.

Most of them float, so your soundtrack can come with you for a swim. And many of them can charge your phone, too (though we don't recommend swimming with it while you do)!

3. Beach Throws

Whether you want to find a spot to sunbathe or find a spot for a nice picnic, you gotta keep that sand off your bum!

With a nice big beach throw, you can claim your spot in style and have something soft and cool between you and the hot sand.

4. Waterproof Phone Bags

Pics or it didn't happen! Get yourself a waterproof phone bag so you can show off your summer fun on Instagram without worrying about your phone taking a bath!

5. Hooded Towels

Maybe you don't want to lay out. If you'd rather take a nice relaxing beach walk after going for a dip, these hooded towels are super fresh and will keep you warm in the cool beach breeze.

They also make a great portable solution for festivals and theme parks. Why carry around a towel when you can just wear it?

6. AquaVault Portable Safe

No pockets? No problem! Don't worry about leaving your valuables unattended to go for a swim. (And we all know that "tucking them in your shoe" trick doesn't work...)

Get your hands on an AquaVault portable safe! Lock it to a beach chair or your beach wagon and swim knowing that your stuff is safe! 

Beach Items for Summer Survival

There you go! Just a few beach items to make your summer adventures so much better!

If that's not enough, check out some of our other sweet gear!

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