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March 06, 2018 2 min read

Are you concerned about being fashionable? Or are you at the point where you want to wear what you want? Onesies have been all the rage, for both reasons.

There are many fun designs that are extremely comfortable.

But would you ever consider one as sexy? Well, sexy is getting a new definition. Sexy isn't about showing flesh -- sexy is being comfy and snuggly.

The ones that make you look like an animal or Star Wars character may score you a phone number.

Continue reading and diminish all stereotypes. Here are 6 reasons to ditch your little black dress and choose your favorite pajamas instead.

1. You Stand Out

Even in the midst of this rage, you'll always stand out. They make a bold statement. There's nothing sexier than someone who can stand out in a crowd.

And maybe the cute guy notices your dinosaur get-up before the girl wearing the skirt and heels.

2. Choosing Your Outfit is Easy

When guys are ready for a date, they want to get up and go. Guys become annoyed when girls take too long with their makeup and finding the perfect outfit. A onesie requires slipping the outfit on and putting up your fun little hood.

Your guy may love your new laid-back attitude.

3. Comfortable is the New Sexy

Girls look hot in party dresses and booty shorts. But admit it, those outfits are uncomfortable. When you debate between going dancing and staying inside watching Netflix, you probably opt for a Netflix night with your favorite pajamas.

More people are ditching their cute club dresses for fluffy pajamas. This makes comfort the new sexy.

4. You Stop Caring What People Think

During our parents' generation, people who walked out in their pajamas were looked down upon.

But in this generation, no one cares. This mentality looks more attractive; you're independent, a rebel, and you don't let any opinions falter your perception of yourself.

5. They Look Flattering on Every Figure

It doesn't matter how big or small you are, they look great on everyone. There's no need to be ashamed of your size -- they are one-size-fits-all, so you'll wear the same size as the girl with a different body.

6. Everyone Loves Them

Who doesn't love someone wearing a cat or dog inspired outfit? These cute outfits will make anyone smile. Onesies are so popular, you see them all over social media and on the streets. So wear yours with pride.

Time to Embrace the Onesie Sexiness

Our generation redefining sexy. There's no need to squeeze into a dress or skinny jeans. These days, fashion is all about looking good and feeling comfortable.

There are different themed ones for all interests and passions and they all look awesome. So show your adorable outfit to the whole world.

So strike a pose in your unicorn outfit. Who knows -- maybe it will land you a modeling contract.

Are you looking for a new onesie? Take a look at our collection.

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