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December 20, 2018 3 min read

Back in 2016, Ezekiel Elliott wore a button-down crop top paired with a suit and tie to the NFL Draft. Let that sink in, pro footballer wearing a crop top with this suit. He made quite an impression both with the fashion world and the Dallas Cowboys who later drafted him

His fashion choice just goes to prove that anyone can wear a crop top. You can also wear it any way you want.

So now is the time, follow in Ezekiel's footsteps and try one of these ideas for wearing printed crop tops.

1. Wear a Jacket

If you're new to the world of crop tops, you might be feeling a bit exposed at the moment. Don't let that scare you off!

Instead, pair your crop top with another top. You could go with a sheer button down. This lets you cover up or reveal depending on how much you're feeling yourself at that moment.

Looking for a bit more coverage? Try a jacket, this will give your look a more polished look.

2. Put a Shirt Under It

If you love the look of your crop top but aren't crazy about the exposed middle section, try putting a shirt on under it! Then you get all of the benefits of the crop top, without all of the skin.

You could try a button down for a more professional look. Or you could go looser and flowy for a cut casual look.

3. Pair with High Wasted Bottoms

This trick is one that women have used through the ages but got its start in the 40's. Back then the crop top was considered to be too revealing, so women would wear more modest clothing to tone down the risque top.

You can rock this look by pairing your printed crop top with a pair of high waisted jeans or even a pair of flowy, high-waisted bottoms.

4. Wear It with a Dress

We've all seen them, those super cute dresses that are barely there at the top. How do you even wear one without falling out or putting your bra on full display?

Enter the crop top. Pair a cute crop top with that dress and you've got a whole new look! You can get back to enjoying life without having to worry about accidentally exposing something you shouldn't. Plus, it keeps your underwear where it belongs, under your clothes.

5. Maximum Exposure

So you've tried our other ideas and you're ready for the big leagues. Good for you! You're going to rock this look.

Try pairing your crop top with a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a lower rise fuller skit. Choose one that isn't super short, but you definitely don't want it reaching your knees either.

The trick here is to not choose the super small and tight skirt. That one will take your look in a direction we're not trying to go.

Embrace the Printed Crop Tops

Whatever way you choose to wear your crop top, just be sure to have confidence and stand up straight. Remember, you look good!

If you don't think you're ready for the full crop top experience start small. Try pairing your printed crop tops with something else.

This will let you ease into the look without having to commit to the exposed skin. Then as you get more confident you can gradually get more daring.

Ready to get started? Then let's get crop top shopping!

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