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December 27, 2018 2 min read

In 2013, Coachella, a giant music festival, sold 100% of its available tickets in 20 minutes. There were more than 150 thousand tickets available. 

Almost everyone knows at least one person who loves to attend festivals. Or, you maybe know someone who is looking to attend their first festival sometime soon. 

You want to get them a few things to ease their journey, but what? 

They say for weddings you need things which are old, new, borrowed and blue. For festival-goers, it's a bit more like something shady, something cozy, something hydrating and something sleepy.  

Here are some great gifts for music lovers who insist on being outdoors for them.  

Shady Gifts

It's no secret that festivals occur in the warmest months of the year. Protection from the sun prevents overheating, sunburn, and dehydration. 

Some chairs now come with their own small awning. Also, these are small enough to carry around all over the festival with ease. 

Similar to the awning chair is the mini-foldup tent. You and one friend can sit inside and at least be out of direct sunlight for a bit.

For a bit more heat protection, drape a decorative beach throw over it. As a bonus, this makes it more eye-catching too. 

Cozy Gifts for Music Lovers

Nothing says, "Hey, don't die at that festival" quite like something to keep warm at night. Sure you could be boring and grab them a sleeping bag. 

But why not get them a multi-use sleeping bag instead. These can fold up into a pillow or even be used as a hoodie!

The hooded blanket makes an even better gift. It is easily portable, keeps you warm on your way back to your tent and gets you ready for bed in a snap.

Something Hydrating

From plastic flasks to collapsible water bottles, your friend will need something to stay hydrated. 

Buy them a good bottle doesn't mean they will, it just gives them the opportunity. Fanny packs and backpacks can also come with extra or hidden compartments. Again, people use them for booze, but they are ideal for water. 

Something Sleepy

Of course, you want your friend to be comfortable while they sleep. The options here know no limits. A hammock is always a great gift, but give them some extra rope to make sure they can set it up. Also, get one with mosquito netting. 

Now, with the green movement, disposable tents have risen in popularity. These can easily be thrown away after the festival and compost quickly.   

If you want to really go the extra mile, get them a solar tent! It keeps them cool and powers their devices.  

Go Get Them Something Good 

No matter what you choose from these options, your friend is going to love it. At the end of the day, any gift can be a great one.

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