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About the Artist:  Guifré Urgell Tasies

MY name is Guifré Urgell Tasies (Tàrrega, 1988), and I created the Illustration Studio YANTRART DESIGN. I am a Spanish freelance illustrator, artist, and designer with an obsession for the geometry and how it is related to the natural world we all live in. Expressing my inner visions of how I understand this geometry, my work explores the realms of the Sacred Geometry, the Visionary art, the Esoteric, the Occult, the Symbolism, the psychedelic… I like to charge my pieces with a deep meaning, usually related to natural elements.

Even though I prefer to work digitally, I also work by hand as a traditional painter and muralist. I use to work for big apparel brands worldwide, but most of them are located in the United States. I do also graphic and logotype design, custom tattoo designs, custom paintings, sculpture and installations, interior and home decoration, and all I can to keep improving my skills!