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/ˈɡlō zōn/


The place outside your comfort zone where growth takes place.

  1. A challenge we created to level up our brand’s inner culture. We have individually committed to enter the Glowzone daily by stepping out of our comfort zones, choosing to be our biggest, brightest (glowed up) selves and facing our fears so that we can grow into the badasses we were meant to be.
  2. The mindset of making life choices that take you beyond your comfort zone and toward your truest potential.
  3. Living free from limitations and mediocrity as a result of choosing to face fear daily and WIN.
  4. A word for a way of life that is crafted with the intention to ‘glow up’ with the entire being: mind, body and spirit.
  5. A hashtag used to share GlowZone challenge stories so that we can connect to each other and be inspired by the ways we all get into the glowzone. 
  6. The pure, unadulterated state of completely not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks because you are so in allignment with a greater purpose. 


“The alarm went off so I could wake up and go to the gym. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but I went to hit snooze but realized this was my opportunity to get in the #GLOWZONE and overcome the voice in my head. So. I’m at the gym.”

 My favorite way to get in the #GLOWZONE is by creating genuine connection with strangers- especially if they are attractive or intimidating. Getting past my nervousness builds my confidence and makes those around me feel good.