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Genesis Revamp Face Mask


Please note: Due to the extreme popularity of this product the crafting period is up to 18 days before it ships. These are handmade when you order. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Genesis Revamp Face Mask

Stay safe, stay home and avoid COVID-19


  • Contoured and adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Micropoly Fabric
  • Moisture-Wickening
  • Two-Strap Design; Soft stretch ear straps
  • Machine Washable
  • Elastic construction for snug fit

*Not Medically Certified

*Due to how masks are used we are not able to accept returns or exchanges for all face masks.

** Please be advised that this face mask is not medical grade and is intended to serve only as a stylish cosmetic face covering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amelia L.
Beautiful, vibrant

The design makes mask-wearing more interesting. I get many compliments on it. Just beautiful.

Oscar R.
stylish and comfy

Mask looks great, and the quality of the fabric and print is amazing. The strap is also fabric and comfy around the ears. However, the strap is not adjustable. Also, the stitching where the strap joins the mask could be a little better.

There is a small flexible wire around the nose part, when adjusted it's super comfortable and not at all noticeable.

The fit is large enough to comfortable cover my nose, and goes under my chin, so doesn't rise when talking.

The mask material is synthetic and doesn't breath as much compared to cotton or medical masks. However, for shorter wears, like going shopping or using public transport it's great.

I do not use glasses. so can't comment on mist.

I presume I have a slightly larger head size as I'm 6'3" and a somewhat large nose, it fits absolutely fine.