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November 19, 2018 2 min read

Have you ever seen a baby wearing a hooded towel?

If you have, chances are you oohed and awed at it. There's no reason you wouldn't. It's cute.

But here's the thing: there's no reason in hell why babies should be the only ones allowed to wear hooded towels. In fact, saying otherwise is basically a war crime.

As adults, we have every right to partake in this fine luxury. There's nothing better than a hooded towel.

Don't believe it? Keep reading to learn why hooded towels for adults are dope.

Hands-Free? More Like Worry-Free!

Think about it. You've just gotten out of the pool. You grab your towel to dry off, and then you want to check your phone and take a drink too. Now you don't know where to put your towel

On the ground? No, that's gross. Back in your bag? That gets your clothes wet.

With a hooded towel for adults, you'll never have to run into this problem again. Hands-free means worry-free, and that's reason enough to get one.

You Only Need One Towel

People with long hair, have you ever used a towel and realized that you need a separate one for your hair?

Not anymore. With a hooded towel, you can make sure that you never have to worry about that again. You can use the bottom part for your body and the hood for your hair.

If you haven't ever had this problem, a hooded towel is still useful. You don't want to rub your hair and face with the same part of the towel you dry the rest of your body with.

They're Fun!

Listen, if you don't like adding fun into your life for no reason, chances are you're a boring person. Do you want to be a boring person?

If you said no, you want to be a hooded towel person. Hooded towels come in plenty of fun styles, and they'll always strike up a conversation at parties.

Channel Your Inner Child

Do you ever miss being a kid? In a society full of love for nostalgia, it can get easy to wish things were like they were when you were a kid.

Getting a hooded towel will help you let that inner child out. Even if you didn't have on when you were a kid, a hooded towel will give you the feeling that so many kids have with theirs.

Plus, you can fly around like a superhero with them, and if that isn't dope, nothing is.

Looking for Hooded Towels for Adults?

Now that we've made you a follower of the hooded towels, you're probably looking for where you can get yours. Lucky for you, you're in the right place.

Check out our dope collection of hooded towels for adults.

Still not a believer? Check out more blog posts on our site that will blow your mind.

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