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October 29, 2018 2 min read

There's no denying it. Pajamas are the world's most comfortable clothing. If you're one of the nearly 4 million people in the US who work from home, you probably live in pajamas.

But being comfortable doesn't always mean giving up style. There are many ways to rock your pajama style and look chic while doing it.

Let's check out 5 of them here!

1. Pair Your Pants with a Structured Element

One key to creating a flawless street look with pajamas is to not wear only pajamas.

Choose a pair of comfy pajama pants in a neutral color. Then pair them with a blazer or a snazzy pair of heels. You instantly look more polished but you're still feeling super comfy.

2. a Silky Top

You can also do the opposite. Choose a sleek, silky pajama top and pair it with a more formal piece for your lower half.

Go for slim fitting pants or jeans. Or for a more sophisticated look, dress it up with a pencil skirt and a pair of sleek heels.

3. Wrap up in a Robe

Looking for a comfortable jacket? What if you wrapped up in a silk robe instead? The right color combination can make your outfit pop while you stay comfy and warm.

Use a robe over a chic formfitting dress with a pair of sleek heels. Or top off your business casual look with a robe in a neutral color. You could even go all in and wear pajamas underneath for the ultimate in streetwear comfort.

4. Springtime Florals

What screams springtime more than a delicate pair of floral pants? Try pairing a pair of flowing silk pajama bottoms in pastel florals for a fresh, cool look. This is perfect for as the days start to warm but you're not quite ready for a dress.

Add a chic blazer and heels or a comfy pair of flats to complete the look.

5. Pajama Set

Ready for the advanced level of pajama dressing? Only the truly fashion-minded can pull off this look without looking like they just crawled out of bed.

Once you've mastered the art of mixing and matching pajama pieces with other "real" clothes elements, it's time for this challenge. Try wearing a matching set of pajamas to the office.

Just any old set won't do. We don't recommend a soft flannel set with cartoon animals leaping all over a pale pink background. Instead, choose a sophisticated fabric like soft silk or satin. The cut of the pajamas is important too, and we recommend a lapel style top.

Pair this with a chic set of heels and some complementing jewelry and you've got yourself a comfy suit. Spend a couple extra minutes on your hair as the bed-head look might dress it down too much and voila!

Choose Your Pajama Style

Whoever said that you can't look great and be comfortable at the same time? Achieving the right level of sophistication can be tricky with pajama style. But once you get it down you'll be hooked! We sure hope this is a trend that will stick around for a while.

For more great ideas about how to look your best, check out our blog!

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