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November 15, 2019 3 min read

[*Note: The following takeaway contains spoilers for Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” Season 4, Episode 1 Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat.”]

What up my, glip glops! Electro Threads here with our takeaways from the highly anticipated season four premiere of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, ‘Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat.

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Here are just a few of the things that stuck out to us as hilarious, insightful, or just downright schwifty!

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My opinion is subject to change and I am by no means on expert on the multiverse. With that being said, let's jump into it.

The episode starts off with a conversation with the Smith family discussing cyber-stalking. Morty is on social media stalking Jessica, the love of his life, and becoming fixated on the necklace she is wearing. Summer is shaming him while also participating in the same toxic relationship with social media, encouraging Jerry to eat more syrup and raise his cholesterol in the hopes that he will die and she will finally get to take a “cute funeral selfie”.

This episode has delivered more of what we’ve come to expect from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Bringing to light obscure social issues or behaviors that leave us wondering how they affect our lives and our view the world and others. Another example of this occurs later in the episode. A hysterical turn of events leaves Morty inspiring others that bullying is wrong, but to bully the bully is something that is somehow ok. It left me wondering, do we bully the bullies for bullying?

And how does that make us any better than the bullies? We don’t get an answer to this, but it left me wondering.. (let me know what you guys think, are we approaching the issue of bullying properly, or am I completely off in my assessment?)

 The episodes main premise is Rick and Morty’s adventure to find death crystals that once touched grant visions of possible deaths, but as reality is ever-shifting, the future is constantly changing due to the actions of the present, in other words, death is not ruled by fate. Rick might use the crystals only as a cheat-code for gunfights, but for Morty, the crystals offer a chance to control his fate. And while clutching a crystal in his pocket, Morty is tempted by one by one possible death in particular - a deathbed shared with Jessica, whispering “I love you,” to an elderly Morty. This revelation overtakes Morty and he's determined to follow whatever path the crystal shows to ensure that he will die with Jessica by his side.

Although the episode has many noteworthy events, I think that Morty’s fixation on death and the dangers of living in the future stuck out to be the most notable. The death crystal reshapes Morty’s personality down to his speech, to the point where Morty has completely lost his individuality, the desire to die peacefully with Jessica overtaking his life. I believe that the episode shows that obsessing over the future will suck the joy out of life. You can even see this belief in Justin Roiland’s ad-lib voice-acting as a testament to the value of living in the moment. But Rick says something interesting at the end of the episode that in my opinion a clever insight. After Morty is stating how he needs to live in the moment and not the future, Rick states, “….I think you have to think ahead and live in the moment”. Too often we are bombarded with easily digestible quotes, that seems insightful and prolific, but lack substance and don’t take the real world into account. I believe Rick is saying that the world is not black and white. It isn’t about living completely in the moment, or living in the future; it is about balancing the two ways of thinking so that they work in harmony with one another. 

And there’s our hot take on season 4 episode 1! Let us know what you think, and tell us about your favoriteRick and Mortymoments!

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