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December 05, 2018 2 min read

There's an undeniable comfort you get with a hoodie. You just toss it on and enjoy the cozy warmth. It's like the clothing form of a loving hug.

Fashion hoodies also have the versatility to be appropriate for just about any occasion this winter. The trick is knowing how to style them.

If you want to get more use from your hoodies this season, try these tips.

Tips for Wearing Fashion Hoodies

Before you pull on that hoodie and head out the door, take a glance in the mirror and see if you can step up your game with any of these tips.

Achieving a Balance

We're all about bright and beautiful hoodies. If you pair one with an equally attention-grabbing pair of pants that has a fun pattern, though, you'll lose the effect altogether.

The key is to make your hoodie the accent of your outfit by pairing it with pants that have a solid color rather than a pattern. Your pants can still be a fun color, but steer clear of a pattern.

Lounge in Style

You can also use your hoodie to put off a more casual, relaxed vibe. Athleisure is no longer restricted to gyms and living rooms, so you might as well capitalize on the trend.

For a great men's style, wear your fashion hoodie with either lounge pants or sweatpants. It all depends on what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

For women, yoga pants are everywhere today. Slim-fitting yoga pants can be the perfect complement to a comfy, oversized hoodie.

Jump for Jeans

Maybe your personality fits better with a retro rocker style. In this case, denim will be your fashion hoodie's best friend.

Try wearing your hoodie with a pair of basic jeans. To complete the look, layer a denim jacket on top of your hoodie. The fun colors in your hoodie will be the perfect accent in the middle of a denim sea.

When you're wearing denim with denim, though, you need to be careful about the colors. Your jacket and jeans should either be the same shade or they should be dramatically different. If they're close but just a tad bit off, they could clash.

Style Like a Farmer

If you're going for more of a rustic vibe, a fashion hoodie is the perfect way to embrace your inner farmer.

On top of your hoodie, throw on one of those great coats you'd get at a farming equipment store, which usually come in tan or black. Depending on what colors are in your hoodie, you can pair this with black or blue jeans.

Wearing Your Fashion Hoodie Like a Pro

There's a reason you see fashion hoodies everywhere you go. They're comfortable, warm, and casual enough to be perfect for fall and winter. As you can see from the tips above, they're also easy to style to fit just about any vibe you want to create.

If you're ready to start rocking a new hoodie, shop our newest fashions online today.

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