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May 30, 2018 2 min read

Hanging a tapestry in your home is a smart way to decorate any wall or empty space. But did you know that there are other great ways to use your wall tapestry? Check out these creative alternatives for using yourElectro Threads Tapestry.

      1. Tablecloth

Upgrade your dining area by using a tapestry as a tablecloth. Tapestries can project a personalized atmosphere to your dining experience and set the proper mood for a meal. 

      2. Blacklight Tapestries 

Neon Tunnel Tapestry

Our trippy neon tapestries with UV responsive ink will have you mesmerized for days! Redefine your home space into a work of art with intricate patterns of psychedelic goodness. 

      3. Festival/Picnic blanket

Picnic Blanket

Tapestries are perfect for chilling out at a music festival and livening up a picnic. Take your tapestry along with you to the beach, your favorite hiking spot, the park or anywhere your outdoor life takes you! They are light, easy to carry and machine washable. Bring along a lively vibe to your next outdoor adventure with a funky tapestry.

      4. Bedspread

Pineapple Daze Bedspread Tapestry

 Use your tapestry to bring a unique flair to your bedspread. They are easy to put on and add a personal touch as a bedspread that will have you looking forward to making your bed! Forget expensive comforters that break the bank and use a tapestry to add some originality to your bedroom.

      5. The Wall

And, of course, the age-old hippie classic. Wall tapestries look dope hanging on walls or adding a dimensional space to your ceiling, especially with some string lights around the outside of it. Find a trippy tapestry and get lost in some shape-shifting patterns!

      6. Get Creative!

There are a plethora of ways to use your tapestry. You can use it as a throw blanket to bring some life to a weathered couch, add some flair to your photos with a psychedelic selfie backdrop, create a funky gift wrap for a friend, diffuse some light or build a psychedelic fort! Or, really go far out, and get a neon tapestry to bring the space to life with intriguing patterns designed for your psychedelic senses. The possibilities are endless!



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