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Good Vibrations

Posted on November 04 2013

Quick Story..

EDC Las Vegas: Day 3, around 1:00 A.M, I'd been taking photos and videos of my friends all night with my new IPhone 5. Turns out, I LOST IT! Everything was on that phone, Log-ins to my company website, photos, contacts, messages, and not to mention the PHOTOS!! I was so bummed!...Toward the end of the night when people started clearing out we looked, with no such luck of finding it:(..

we gave up, and turned in for night. Wake up to a voice-mail on my girlfriends phone saying: "Hey Kasey, my son found your phone.. Tried getting a hold of you before we took off to Cali but looks like that's not gonna happen"...Long story short, this amazing man and his son shipped my my phone from California all the way to Utah out of the goodness of their hearts!! What does this have to do with the EDM Lifestyle?? EVERYTHING...I'd bet money that if this happened at anything other 'concert' my phone would have been gone for good...Goes to show ;) PLUR



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