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May 23, 2019 2 min read

Let's be frank: rave and music festival fashion is out there. Between the face paint, the neon jumpsuits, metallic costumes, and rainbow-colored wigs, raves feel like the transport you to another dimension.

But that's a part of their charm. Between the outfits and the music rattling your very bones, you're completely immersed in the culture. 

But when you have a music festival on the beach, you might not want to pull out your denim studded jacket and combat boots. 

Don't worry: there are some crazy one-piece swimsuits that are practical for dancing while maintaining the shiny, electric festival look you love. Keep reading for five of our favorites. 

1. King of Lions

Let's start off with our best selling one piece, shall we? This King of Lions swimsuit features a few classic music festival fashion trends: animals, trippy colors, feathers, and floral designs.

It comes in both the "classic" cut and the "vintage" style cut that shows off a bit more of your hip bone. Reviewers love the high-quality material, the bright colors, and the breathability of the fabric.

2. Wild and Free

This Wild and Free one piece adds something extra to your outfit: a shiny shimmer. It features a gorgeous black tiger design on top of a shimmering rainbow pattern. You can also choose between the classic and vintage cut as with the King of Lions piece.

3. Trippy Hamsa

The Hamsa symbolizes health, happiness, and good luck. While it originates from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Middle Eastern culture, it's found another new home in music festival culture as well.

That makes this Trippy Hamsa one piece perfect for a beachside rave. The Hamsa itself is filled in with a dripping and wavy rainbow, complete with the "Evil Eye" inside an Illuminati-like triangle. The rest of the suit is black with stars dotted all over. 

4. Vintage and Feminine Floral One-Piece Swimsuits

Want something a bit more classic? Try this swimsuit patterned with vintage flowers. It's not as bright as other music festival outfits, but the muted colors and vintage pattern will look amazing with a flower crown and denim shorts.

5. Galaxy One Piece

A music festival fashion guide would not be complete without a galaxy patterned item, would it? This option gives you an all-over galaxy print.

This makes it a bit simpler than some of the other options on this list while still keeping you in line with the music festival fashion you'll be surrounded by.

Ready to Rage?

You've got your tickets, your travel is booked, you've hydrated, and now you have some awesome one-piece swimsuits. All that's left to do is enjoy the music festival!

That won't be hard to do with the sun shining and the sound of waves and awesome music in your ears.

Looking to take your look to the next level? Consider adding some beachside accessories like sunglasses, hats, and bags. Check out our website for some of the best accessory options out there.

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