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March 18, 2019 2 min read

Yoga is growing in popularity worldwide! It's a huge industry in America with spending on classes, clothing, accessories, and equipment reaching $16 billion.  

If you are signed up for your first yoga class, that's only the beginning. You need to grab your mat and water bottle and come up with a yoga outfit.

Yoga is practiced for health and relaxation, so you shouldn't stress over what to wear to yoga class. Read on for some tips and suggestions for the best yoga clothes.

Best Dressed Yogi: 5 Tips on What to Wear to Yoga

Are you wondering how to dress for yoga? Your yoga outfit can be pretty important in helping you to feel comfortable and relaxed as you practice your poses. 

1. Comfortable Doesn't Necessarily Mean Loose

Because yoga requires you to bend, twist and move in many directions, you don't want your clothing to be too loose. You could very well end up having a wardrobe malfunction. 

A longer, fitted top is perfect to keep everything covered and it will allow you and the instructor to pay attention to your core and body alignment. Fitted clothing will not restrict any of your movements.

You have a chance of getting caught up in your clothing if you choose to wear something loose. 

2. Yoga Pants are Actually for Yoga Class

Yoga pants have become so popular in and out of the yoga studio. As a matter of fact, more yoga pants were sold in 2017 than jeans for the first time ever. 

The best choice is a pair of sweat-wicking, soft and fitted pair of leggings sans drawstring. A drawstring knot is uncomfortable when you lie on your stomach. Three-quarter length pants will prevent tripping.

3. Get the Right Coverage and Support

The right bra will leave you able to concentrate on your breathing rather than uncomfortable underwire. A full-coverage sports bra is your best bet. You don't need as much support as you would for running or aerobics, but keep in mind the coverage you'll need for various positions. 

4. Your Fabric Needs to Breath as Much as You Do 

You are sure to sweat during downward dog and the mountain pose so your yoga outfit should include breathable fabric. Moisture-wicking, dri-fit fabrics will keep you cool and comfortable through all of your poses. 

5. An Extra Layer Never Hurts

Wear thin layers that are easy to remove as you warm up. Layers help you warm up faster, loosening up your muscles. During the cool down phase, your light layer will keep you from feeling chilly. 

Namasté: I Bow to the Divine in You

You now know what to wear to yoga and how to look divine in your yoga clothes. Do you know who can help you look your absolute best while in sun salutation? Here at Electrothreads, we specialize in trippy and unique clothing, apparel, accessories, and housewares.

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